Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gay Men Smack Up Homophobic Customer!

Dropping that gay slur got this guy in the blue shirt knocked on the ground.
The old saying that gays can't fight is proven false. I must admit that the agitators in the news must love this stuff. A bunch of Black people acting out in the Waffle House. It's bad enough White supremacists target Blacks for being chicken bone suckers, but now it's waffles and grease! And now apparently, they're divas in the food shack!

Once again, this gives ammunition to conservatives and White supremacists who harbor bigotry towards race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political and economic standings. This is a magnet for agitators.

This gives them the thoughts that Blacks are violent, Barack Obama is a "nigger" or the whole Black community in general are "primates". They think of these people as some of Obama's children.

Atlanta, Georgia is the second most gayest city in America. The Black gay population is very high down there! Southern Hospitality isn't friendly to these individuals. Georgia is a highly conservative state and Republicans have a 4:1 political strength. Atlanta is a Democratic stronghold and one of the many Black majority cities in America.

For one thing, homophobia isn't cool.

Americans must adapt to the gay community.

I am tolerant of the LGBT community. I don't mind what these people do in their lives. They entitled to live their lives in peace and harmony. They want to have marriage just like every straight couple. It doesn't bother me if they want to get married.

But of course, some do. And the National Organization of Marriage wants to put the wedge between Blacks and the gay community. Some Black religious leaders are ditching President Barack Obama over his endorsement of gay marriage. Mitt Romney embraces a national law that bans gay marriage across the country. Massachusetts was the first state in union to legalize gay marriage. It happened under Romney's watch.

Republicans would rather get in the business of what people do in the bedroom or in their vaginas.

The hip-hop agitator WorldStarHipHop is notorious for shock videos involving celebrities and average morons. The last time, I posted a video from this website, it dealt with a Baltimore transgender woman getting beat down by two Black women in a McDonald's Restaurant. The transgender woman was upset over her history as a known prostitute being leaked to the press. The woman who fought the transgender woman was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for assault and hate crime charges. The woman was accompanied by a teenage girl. It's unknown about the situation.

WorldStarHipHop is a controversial website. It's generated enough for the Huffington Post, The Drudge Report and other websites to pick up on it.

The fight last only a minute. But it was a clear knockout when a Black customer at a Waffle House in Atlanta called a group of gay men, the slur "faggot". They knocked this dude out!

So let this be a reminder to all who stereotype others. You never know until your face is on the ground! And for this Black guy, it's was clear he thought they were going to be a bunch of sissies! I guess he learned the hard way!

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