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Barack Obama: [John Sununu] Talking Down Black Voters!

michael smerconish Michael Smerconish Interviews President Obama
Michael Smerconish interviews President Barack Obama. Topics include the race for the White House and the controversial comments by John Sununu about the president and Colin Powell.
Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu is called Mitt Romney Campaign's  "one man wrecking crew" by the likes of a conservative agitator Sean Hannity. The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative media have crowed about voter fraud.

Sununu went forth to disqualify a prominent Black politician as one of those "NIGGERS WHO VOTE SOLELY ON RACE!" In a interview with Piers Morgan, the semi-racist Sununu went into a tirade about an Obama endorsement by one former Bush administration.

Frankly, when you take a look at Colin Powell, you have to wonder whether that's an endorsement based on issues or whether he's got a slightly different reason for preferring President Obama.

Well, I think when you have somebody of your own race that you're proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.

Remember that Vibe Magazine/MSNBC media agitator Touré said that Mitt Romney and the conservative media are trying to make a NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama. He's right it's there and many Black voters are seeing it!

Touré went to his Twitter feed to express it's opinion:

The game plan is to discourage Black and Hispanic voters from turning out to the ballots.

Former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, Colin Powell has endorsed President Barack Obama for 2012. Once again putting his country ahead of the party.

Yet, in the minds of Rush Limbaugh, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), Sarah Palin, Sununu, and the conservative/white supremacist bubble, it's just another NIGGER supporting a NIGGER! That NIGGER isn't one of us! He should leave the Republican Party and go back to his SLAVEMASTER in the Democrat PLANTATION.

Michael Smerconish, longtime Philadelphia talk radio host with libertarian views endorsed President Barack Obama for reelection. He's been a fill in host for the defunct The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly, and now the fill in host for Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

Smerconish tries to poke holes in the argument of race and voting. The Republican Party itself comes off as condescending and overreaching when it comes to the Black and Hispanic/Latino community.

Smerconish asked the president about Powell's endorsement and the controversial Sununu. The president shot back at the criticism.

Polls shows that Americans have more of a dislike towards Blacks. That means that race is a factor to a fraction of the general voting population. The news media segments White voters. They call it men and women. The president has problems with [WHITE] men and barely leading in [WHITE] women.
Former governor of New Hampshire John Sununu talks his way into another controversy.
The Republican Party and their standard bearer Mitt Romney are already a 90% WHITE and 10% everyone else.

Whites make up 73% of the nation. They're rapidly decreasing in birth rates. May 2012 marked the end of an era. That first recorded birth rate has non-White Hispanics surpassing Whites for the first time ever. Interracial births are on the rise. That means more Black men are married to White women and the birth rate is growing by marriage.

Last week you've heard Ann Coulter call the president a "retard".

Sarah Palin stated the president is "shuckin' & jivin'" over the handling of the Libyan Embassy attack.

A man in California gets a display of the president and hangs it in a noose.

Virginia Republicans made a Facebook page with offensive depictions of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

The freedom speech allows the White supremacists to created hundreds of anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay, anti-Muslim websites. But the very thought of New Black Panthers standing outside a polling station, a Islamic cultural center in New York City, or giving undocumented teenagers an opportunity to become American citizens is treason. Let one Black person create an anti-White website. Let one liberal carry his firearm into a public arena and create a mass shooting. Let one woman hack off a man's penis in regards to birth control.

The conservative/white supremacist bubble depicts liberalism, moderates and non-partisans as enemies.

The game is up! Black voters are energized by this type of crap!

Conservatives harping about "OBAMA" phones, Jay-Z, voting on race, urban crime, violence upon a White person by a Black person, rape statistics, intelligence quotients and President Barack Obama are themes.

These things are the reasons to why White men are pessimistic about the economy and cultural issues.

This is why President Barack Obama already lose 5 to 10 points among [WHITE] men.

This is why Blacks should vote against the Republican Party.

Yeah, we got the first Black president.

But we also have the first majority WHITE political party!

Conservative media loves the attention and money that comes from division and hatred.

That's why I said previously, this is bullshit! The conservative need an enemy for profit.

Thank President Barack Obama.

So stand up and vote for Barack Obama. Help him win reelection.

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