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Chris Christie To Fox News: Don't You Dare Politicize A Tragedy!

Hurricane Sandy aftermath: Chris Christie warns conservatives to not politicize this tragedy.
Me and LaReyna send our condolences to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Hence, the safety net once again rears its head again!

The safety net includes social security, disability, food stamps, farm aid, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and yes disaster relief.

With the rising food and gas prices, people are turning to food stamps, food banks and government assistance to keep themselves from landing in the homeless shelter.

Without a safety net, these people will rob and kill those who have the luxuries of having food in the refrigerator or in the pantry. They would steal fuel, water, bread and meat to keep feeding their families. And yet, these Republicans and their conservative allies are thinking the poor are the reasons for the economic recession. Perhaps those who complain about the poor, should walk a day in that person's shoes!

The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are heartless when it comes to the lower and middle class. In their warped minds, the lower class and those who are too poor are stealing from the taxpayers by accepting food stamps, welfare and necessaries.

Some of Mitt Romney's supporters are victims of the Hurricane Sandy. They are now realizing that it's essential to have a safety net. So I guess there's no need to whine about the rise in food stamps, welfare or that little thing we call disaster relief!

Mitt Romney attack the president for being a sugar daddy for dependency! Hence forth the NIGGERIZATION of the president.
Mitt Romney loading canned goods. While at a political event in Dayton, Ohio, Romney declared that his supporters will donate cans to the victims. Liberal agitators claim that it's a ploy to win votes.
The president has a to be a commander-and-chief. When there's a disaster, President Barack Obama has to set aside his political differences with Republicans. Hurricane Sandy ruined a whole lot of people's lives.

The Republican governors Bob McDonnell of Virginia, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania endorsed Mitt Romney for president. But since this disaster, they've told the media not to play a tragedy for a political event.

I've listened to yesterday's Rush Limbaugh, Neal Bootz and Sean Hannity programs. Besides the bemoaning of the Benghazi attacks and the few polls showing a Mitt Romney lead, they've been harping on President Barack Obama "lackluster" response to a tragedy. Of course, they're sitting comfortably in their radio studios in Florida. Hannity could do his national show from the comfort of his home!
President Barack Obama ordered all federal emergency agencies to cut through gridlock to help victims.
I've read The Drudge Report and its posting misleading headlines. One in particular is the title of misleading government telling people to go on the internet. The gay conservative agitator is trying to undermine the president.

The Fox News host Eric Bolling praised the president's efforts but slammed him for the handling of Libya.

Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet/InfoWars post stories about rioting and looting.

Grover Norquist spent a stack trying to attack the president for his "debt" problems! What does he use?

Well a hurricane and play for the minds of Virginians.

Breitbart is following celebrities who slam Mitt Romney over his disaster relief  being "political stunts."

The Republicans are tight lipped on the situation. They've not spoken in a negative tone about this.
Grover Norquist puts out an ad. The advertising puts the president next to a storm. His idea came before the Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy disaster, and yet it's still in bad taste.
Many people are wondering why is Mitt Romney trying to use a tragedy for political gains?

The Republican Party's biggest microphone on cable has been trying to spin this for another attempt to help Mitt Romney win. This is their ongoing denial of climate change and conspiracies to FEMA death camps. Since they can't find a controversy about the federal government's handling of a disaster, they want to create a controversy about this in order to attack President Barack Obama or those in need of assistance.

They interview New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Let's say that those guys on the couch were shocked to hear such as polarizing figure (and potential 2016 candidate) praise the president!

The bosses over there send a memo, they tip of Matt Drudge. Then after the message is out there, Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade present the conservative talking point. They regurgitate a line, and their audience soaks it like a sponge. Then it goes through Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. Then it repeats itself over and over again. And of course, the word salad from conservatives start on Facebook and YouTube, then everywhere else.

Mitt Romney does a photo op with canned goods. Many critics in the liberal media have slammed this attempt as a "sham". The Republican nominee held a political rally event in Dayton, Ohio in which he asked supporters to donate goods to the hurricane relief victims. Some point out that goods are going to states such as Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. States where Romney is locked up with President Barack Obama in the polls.

The guys over at AddictingInfo once again pokes holes in Romney event. They cite LGBT website New Civil Rights Movement's David Badash claims that it's all political when it came to "disaster relief!"

Mitt Romney is sending the supplies he asked supporters to bring to his “non-political” campaign event today — to which Romney invited NASCAR driver Richard Petty — in the battleground state of Ohio, only to victims of Hurricane Sandy in swing states that the GOP candidate has a chance of winning: Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania — not the two areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey and New York.

The president suspended his campaign and is going to meet Governor Chris Christie and local residents. Of course, conservatives aren't happy about this. They'll be attacking him regardless.

Hurricane, New Jersey

Politics aside. Governor Chris Christie (R-New Jersey) and President Barack Obama. The president will visit the New Jersey area in regards to the major damage in the state and neighboring New York.
The Garden State has been hit badly by Hurricane Sandy. The Category 2 storm impacted a Nor'easter snow/rain storm becoming a superstorm. This gave the state of New Jersey a beating. Over 50 people and likely more have parished in this tragedy. President Barack Obama, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-New York), Governor Chris Christie (R-New Jersey), New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mitt Romney issued statements about the situation.

The Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, were damaged. In the state of New York, the island of Manhattan (the heart of New York City), Long Island, Breezy Point, Rockaway and even the LaGuardia Airport (one of the three major airports in New York/New Jersey) were hit.

File:Hurricane Sandy NYC Jordan Balderas DSC 1632.jpg
Crane collapsed in New York City.
Governor Chris Christie issued mandatory evacuations for all barrier islands from Sandy Hook to Cape May, along with the closure of all Atlantic City casinos. Tolls were suspended on the northbound Garden State Parkway and the westbound Atlantic City Expressway starting at 6:00 a.m. on October 28th.

President Obama signed an emergency declaration for New Jersey. The declaration allows the state to request federal funding and other assistance for actions taken prior to Sandy's landfall. On October 28th, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer ordered an evacuation of all basement and street level residential units, due to possible flooding. On October 29th, a mandatory evacuation was put in effect for residents in some parts of Logan Township. On October 29th, Sandy made landfall near Atlantic City.

Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for every county in the state. He also asked for a pre-disaster declaration to better access federal assistance. Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano ordered voluntary evacuations of the South Shore storm surge area, which includes the area south of Sunrise Highway and north of Route 25A and in elevations 15 feet above sea level or less on the North Shore

Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters on October 26th that the city has begun taking precautions but said at this time there is no call for mandatory evacuations and no plans to suspend the city's mass transit or cancel school. But on October 28th Governor Cuomo ordered the MTA including the subway closed, and in a press conference immediately after Cuomo's announcement, Mayor Bloomberg ordered public schools closed on October 29th and mandatory evacuations for Zone A on Manhattan, which is the southern tip of the island as well as the Rockaways, a low-lying area of Queens.
File:President Barack Obama receiving update to Hurricane Sandy.jpg
Photo of the president talking with state governors hit by the hurricane.
The states of West Virginia and Maryland had damaging snow storms. Pennsylvania has severe flooding from major cities such as Harrisburg and Philadelphia. The state of Ohio got a heavy snow storm as well. Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Washington, DC, the New England states and even portions of Canada were hit with damaging winds, heavy rain and erosion of land.

The storm started in the Gulf of Mexico, barreled through Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas before landing in the United States and then Canada.

Over 8.3 million without power and millions of residents homeless. The Atlantic coast, the Midwest and portions of the Southeast were destroyed by the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Politics never took a break.

Governor Christie give a tongue lashing to the mayor of Atlantic City.

The Drudge Report post a Politico story that states the president's determination to help the victims of the hurricane. But under a misleading title, the story about going to and if you need assistance relief was flooded with conservative word salad attacking him, Governor Christie, and the federal government. Regardless of what the president does, he's going to get vicious criticism from his political foes. And despite there arm ringing and keystroking by their conservative allies, Republicans are actually quiet on the response by the president.

The Mitt Romney presidential campaign couldn't do really much other than giving donations. But it hasn't stop the perennial candidate for president from campaigning. Campaigning in swing states of Florida, Iowa and Ohio has attracted strong criticism of him racing into the limelight (once again)!

In Dayton, Ohio, Mitt Romney tells his supporters to help the victims. Some criticized the move as political!

The Republicans was blasted by the Democrats over Mitt Romney's stance of FEMA. The Republicans took a strong stance against FEMA during the 2011 Hurricane Irene and during 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

Mitt Romney wants to privatize the government agency and let state governors determine who gets the disaster relief. When asked about it, Romney ducked and dodged it.

The president halted all presidential events. Mitt Romney will continue politics as usual (assured with donations) in each swing state. He also campaigning and putting money in Minnesota (over gay marriage legalization), Pennsylvania (for one more try) and Florida (leaning in his column).

The political campaign will start again on November 1st.

Images of the Hurricane Sandy and its damages.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Romney Still Campaigns Despite Hurricane Damages!

Mitt Romney Cancels
Mitt Romney bagging supplies in Dayton, Ohio.
President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney release statements in regards to the Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath this week. It arrived on Monday and landed near Atlantic City, New Jersey.

According to many sources, apparently there's 39 55 confirmed deaths and the toll will rise soon. The power grid in the east coast has over 8 million without power. Potential rises in price of fuel could occur if the nation is in desperate need for necessities.

But to the president and his Republican rival, it's campaign season regardless.

President Barack Obama canceled his campaign events to stay focused on disaster relief. Mitt Romney decides to keep campaign but under the theme of "hurricane relief" help.

The Republican nominee his vice presidential running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) and famed race car driver Richard Petty came to Dayton, Ohio today.  Nearly 2,000 people came to the event. The Republican nominee has already pushed forth the notion that "he's the grown up in the room!"

They're here in the all important swing state of Ohio. The city of Dayton, last week had President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden come and now it's Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisocnsin) chance. They appear at the Trent Arena asking supporters to help in disaster relief by donating to the victims. Of course, chants of  "seven days" and "he must go" were present and accountable.
New York City, America's largest city has suffered the wrath of a combined snow and rain storm with Hurricane Sandy barreling down on New Jersey.
The president regardless of what he does isn't going to satisfy his political foes. Already, Rush Limbaugh is chanting that the coverage of the hurricane damage is a ploy to make the president look good and give him advantage. Around the beginning of Limbaugh's show he got the buzz from The Drudge Report seething over the early voting stats showing Romney with an advantage.

The Republican nominee had urged the privatization of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and state government should determine where relief should be handed off to.

The Republicans are determined to defeat the president regardless of an improving economy. It's not worth pointing out that Mitt Romney called people who need federal assistance "victims".

Remember this guy told a person that it's best to call 241 for assistance.

Mitt Romney stated that he's not concerned about the poor, they have a safety net!

But wait isn't he trying to slash federal funding for disaster relief. He supports his running mate's austerity bill!

Is it another lame attempt at a photo-op for the Republican?

They've always attack the president for doing such things!

The Huffington Post tears through Romney's stunt and calls it politically opportunistic! They've reported that it's unseemly to campaign in the midst of an unfolding natural disaster, but the Romney-Ryan camp was ready this week with a solution: Don't call it campaigning.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, canceled campaign rallies on Monday and Tuesday. He instead hosted swing-state "relief" events, which included attacks on the president, a video bio of Romney and multiple photo ops in front of boxes of canned goods.

Democrats have called Romney out for pretending he had stopped campaigning. "Hold a campaign rally in a swing state today if you are going to, but don't fucking pretend it is doing anything to help storm victims," tweeted Charles Monaco, a Democratic activist.

It's unsurprising that the entire machinery has failed to come to a halt, given the short length of time campaigns and groups supporting them have to push out their final message.
President Barack Obama cuts back campaigning. Regardless of what he does, conservative pounced on it! They are crowing about Gallup's stats on early voting in slight favor of Mitt Romney.
There has been an effort, especially at the top of the ticket, to encourage supporters to do what they can for those impacted by the storm, including through emails urging donations to the Red Cross. That's more in line with what the Red Cross requests than boxes of food. The nonprofit routinely discourages donations of canned goods, suggesting that cash and blood are more useful in times of emergency.

That effort, though, is relatively small in comparison to what voters on the ground are hearing, be it through inundations of ads or calls. And it's not just coming from Republicans. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, for instance, has sent its list a barrage of fundraising emails, though it has carved out donors in states hit by the storm.

At a Monday event in Avon Lake, Ohio, that took place just after his other events were canceled, Romney addressed the storm but also spent plenty of time attacking the president for his record and policies.

His event Tuesday, touted as a "storm relief" effort, did not mention politics at all. "We have heavy hearts, as you know, with all of the suffering going on in a major part of our country," he said at an appearance near Dayton, Ohio, before collecting and boxing donations to be sent to New Jersey. He spent slightly under an hour on the effort.
Hell or high water!
The event took place in a crucial swing state -- curiously far from the storm itself, as Politico's Ben White pointed out on Twitter Monday after it was announced.

"Romney is doing a 'storm relief' event in Ohio? Why not come to NYC and give us a hand," he tweeted. "Fine by me if candidates want to go back to campaigning, just patronizing to pretend it's something else," he added.

The Romney campaign did not respond to request for comment on general criticism of the event.

Romney's running mate,Ryan, spent Tuesday visiting campaign offices to thank those collecting donations -- and ostensibly those working toward his and Romney's election.

Both Romney and Ryan will be back to campaign events Wednesday, with the presidential nominee in Florida and the vice presidential nominee in Wisconsin. Ryan will campaign in Colorado on Thursday.

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican who also served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, told Politico Tuesday that Romney would be best served by letting the situation run its course without saying anything.

It's somewhat easier for President Barack Obama to cancel campaign events -- he has presidential duties to attend to that can still work to his advantage by allowing him to display his ability to deal with a crisis. He canceled campaign events for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He will travel on Wednesday to see the damage in New Jersey and meet with Gov. Chris Christie -- an event that will surely be photographed.

His campaign is still running, though. Former President Bill Clinton, a top surrogate, attended events on Tuesday in Minnesota and Colorado. Vice President Joe Biden's Tuesday event was canceled, but he will be back on the road later this week, with stops in Iowa on Thursday and Wisconsin on Friday.

The Obama campaign held a press call on Monday to criticize Romney and released statements doing the same. Its ads, and the Romney campaign's, are still on the airwaves across the country, and more are being released.

Outside groups haven't slowed down either. American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, both conservative groups, announced Monday they had spent $10.5 million in ads for senatorial candidates. Pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future will air $2.1 million of ads in Pennsylvania. The conservative American Future Fund purchased $2.6 million in ad space for pro-Romney spots in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nevada.

On the Democratic side, American Bridge made a smaller ad buy Monday of $111,000, with an additional $50,000 spent on targeted ads, accusing Romney of treating the rich differently than the middle class.

Even top Romney adviser Stuart Stevens allowed that the campaign video playing at the "relief" event was a bit much. "I don't know how it happened," he said, adding: "Some volunteer just pressed play, I guess."

The relief event over, Romney zipped out of Ohio. "The Romney campaign is scrambling to get the plane off to Florida 4 hours ahead of schedule before Sandy really hits Ohio," tweeted NPR's Ari Shapiro.

Monday, October 29, 2012

R & B singer Natina Reed of Blaque Passes Away!

There's tragic news out of the Atlanta metro area. LaReyna just posted this and I just got wind of it tonight.

The singing group Blaque who's rose to fame on the self-titled debut album with the hit singles "808" and "Bring It All To Me". They were mentored by the late Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes of TLC fame.

The trios meaning is Believing, Life, Achieving, Quest, Unity, Everything, Blaque.

Now it's reported that one of their core members Natina Reed was killed by a vehicle while she was walking home in the Atlanta suburb Lawrenceville.

The singer was part of the trio that were assisted by the production duo The Trackmasters and of course the helm of Left-Eye.

The first album went gold. But when Left-Eye died in a tragic car accident in Honduras in April 2003, the group was left without a leader and friend.

Natina became an actress and starred in movies such as the cult classic Bring It On. The movie focused on teen cheerleaders in a competitive contest for a national title.

Natina also married briefly rapper Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound. The rapper has her featured on his album and they raised a child together. They since separated.

Blaque had went on to produce three albums. The group disbanded for a brief moment. But they reunited to record a fourth album. But that was scrapped after news broke of her death.

She died two days before her birthday! She was born October 28, 1979 in Queens, New York. Died on October 27, 2012.

Nate Silver: Likely Obama! | Right Wing Attacks!

I've got the numbers. - Nate Silver
The right wing is going bananas over a pollster's analysis of the general election. They go on to attack the pollster for being gay!

Nate Sliver is the founder of FiveThirtyEight, the political blog that covers the elections. The New York Times found his information very reliable. The Republicans are focusing on the polls showing that Mitt Romney is leading in the polls. But Silver strikes the notion down! He predicts that it's likely that even if the polls show that Romney is leading, he is actually losing. The state of Ohio and Florida are potential bellweathers for both candidates. Ohio is ground zero this election. It's 18 electoral votes determines who could become the president.

Mitt Romney has less than 50 campaign offices. The president has nearly double that amount and then some. The president comes to Ohio and urges his crowds that if you want to keep him working for the American people, don't wait for November 6, vote early.

I've done it. And it's having an impact.

Early voting hurts this guy. If the president can get his supporters out then they're be a real shake up!

But so far, Nate Silver predicts that the president is likely going to win this election. Conservatives are crying foul on this one. So far when you look at Rasmussen Polls, a known conservative leaning poll it has the president trailing Mitt Romney in likely voters. The likely voters are the ones that may be the key to the election.
Dean Chambers of Unskewed Polls.
As the candidates take a break from attacking one other, their surrogates are out in full force. Vice President Joe Biden and Bill Clinton will stand in for the president. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), and Newt Gingrich will fill in for Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin).

The feud between pollsters started when Dean Chambers, the founder of Unskewed Polls took to the internet and called out Sliver for being gay!

The Advocate, a news agitator for the LGBT community reported that Silver called out the founder of a conspiratorial  website called "Unskewed Polls," Dean Chambers , who wrote an op-ed  attacking Silver as "a man of very small stature" and "a thin and effeminate man with a soft-sounding voice."

Scott Rasmussen, Republican pollster.
Apparently only truly manly men can analyze polling data. Chambers's website recasts all mainstream polls with Republican-leaning survey samples so they are truly "unskewed" — or shall we say "fair and balanced?" He's gotten a lot of attention in conservative blogs and on the bearer of that tagline, Fox News.

Silver is a self-described geek  who writes for the New York Times and is the founder of FiveThirtyEight.

One of our favorite pieces of Nate Silver data analysis was his conclusion that gay friendlier states have lower divorce rates.

But he's known for having correctly predicted the popular vote in 2008 within one percentage point, correctly predicted the outcome in every state except Indiana plus accurately forecast all of the Senate races. Silver is also the author of the book, The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don't . He finds Chambers pretty amusing.

"This is pretty awesome," Silver wrote on Twitter . "Per , I am 'a thin and effeminate man' & therefore not to be trusted."

Silver summarized  the attack this way: "Unskewedpolls argument: Nate Silver seems kinda gay + ??? = Romney landslide!"

Natina Reed’s death leaves questions and a Twitter buzz (video) - National 'Net Buzz |

Natina Reed’s death leaves questions and a Twitter buzz (video) - National 'Net Buzz | was announced her fellow Blaque members Shamari Devoe and Brandi Williams made Twitter announcement in remembrance of Reed; the news has created an Internet buzz Monday.

Devoe tweeted:

My world as I know it has forever changed. Until we meet again, may you find comfort in the arms of an angel. I love you Natina.

Reed's Bring it On co-star, Gabrielle Union also tweeted about her death.

Natina Reed Dead at 32

A Great Scientist Dies | American Renaissance

A Great Scientist Dies | American Renaissance

Conservatives are mourning the passing of Arthur Jensen, a scientist who died last week.

Bill O'Reilly: Marc Lamont Hill! You're A Coke Boy!

Professor, let me school ya! - Bill O'Reilly
Marc Lamont Hill is a professor of African American studies at Columbia University and current host of Black Enterprises: Our World, a weekly program that focuses on issues in the Black community.

He's also a Fox News commentator who counts as the "liberal" voice to seemingly conservative pro-Mitt Romney network.

When appearing on Hannity, The O'Reilly Factor or Huckabee, the professor is usually getting an aggressive debate with the hosts of the programs.

Bill O'Reilly sort of tone down his harshest rhetoric. He and his fill-in host Laura Ingraham have tone down. But still agitating nevertheless. He's not as bombastic as his allies such Bernard Goldberg, Glenn Beck or Dennis Miller. O'Reilly is annoying (but not as much) as his rival and competing cable host Sean Hannity.

Still a condescending asshole, Bill O'Reilly still promotes himself as a "culture warrior" in a battle against liberals who want to replace traditional values with this so-called "San Francisco values " that he's bemoaned on his program.

I haven't watched The O'Reilly Factor as much these days. He's not appealing as these days! I kind of enjoyed scorning O'Reilly when he's feuding with Ludacris, Snoop Dogg or Keith Olbermann. Those days have passed. Olbermann isn't a threat. The feud with Ludacris is squashed. Snoop Dogg still gets under the skin of O'Reilly but it's not newsworthy as the rapper reformed himself as a reggae singer!

This was obtained by the good folks over at Media Matters for America and Addicting Info.

The ever so concerned Bill O'Reilly goes back to the president's handling of Libya. O'Reilly debates Marc Lamont Hill over this controversy with Obama's foreign policy. The ever so condescending O'Reilly demotes the professor to looking like a cocaine dealer.

Really the host said that you've kind of look like a [cocaine dealer]!



Marc Lamont Hill did shoot back and gave O'Reilly a downplay response. But even though unintentional, O'Reilly had another "M-fer, I want more ice tea!" moment.

October Surprise: Hurricane Sandy!

Hurricane Sandy is the October Surprise.

The eastern half of the United States carries about 45% of the population. The presidential election relies on the swing states that President Barack Obama carried when he was then candidate in 2008.

The states that are in play are New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Each state is a toss up!

Early voting is underway and many Americans are casting their votes. The storm could delay early voting and yes it could also the general election.

Republican Mitt Romney is leading in likely voters. President Barack Obama, incumbent Democrat is leading  in register voters/early voters.

The Republicans are hoping that Mitt Romney carries the two prized states Ohio and Florida.

The hurricane could impact the election. With potential power outages and damages to be expected to be in the billions, President Barack Obama has to take the role of commander-and-chief.
We're taking a break from attacking Obama for a few hours! The hurricane is approaching!
Mitt Romney and the president canceled events near the impact zones.

Politics taken a break for now!

So far many governors are urging their state residents to take cover! The potential of a hurricane and rain/snow mixture could create a major storm.

The states on the east coast carry a 1/3 of the nation's population.

The stock market is close. That could impact the nation's economy.

Hurricane Sandy, you got them on their knees.

Barack Obama: [John Sununu] Talking Down Black Voters!

michael smerconish Michael Smerconish Interviews President Obama
Michael Smerconish interviews President Barack Obama. Topics include the race for the White House and the controversial comments by John Sununu about the president and Colin Powell.
Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu is called Mitt Romney Campaign's  "one man wrecking crew" by the likes of a conservative agitator Sean Hannity. The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative media have crowed about voter fraud.

Sununu went forth to disqualify a prominent Black politician as one of those "NIGGERS WHO VOTE SOLELY ON RACE!" In a interview with Piers Morgan, the semi-racist Sununu went into a tirade about an Obama endorsement by one former Bush administration.

Frankly, when you take a look at Colin Powell, you have to wonder whether that's an endorsement based on issues or whether he's got a slightly different reason for preferring President Obama.

Well, I think when you have somebody of your own race that you're proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.

Remember that Vibe Magazine/MSNBC media agitator Touré said that Mitt Romney and the conservative media are trying to make a NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama. He's right it's there and many Black voters are seeing it!

Touré went to his Twitter feed to express it's opinion:

The game plan is to discourage Black and Hispanic voters from turning out to the ballots.

Former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, Colin Powell has endorsed President Barack Obama for 2012. Once again putting his country ahead of the party.

Yet, in the minds of Rush Limbaugh, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), Sarah Palin, Sununu, and the conservative/white supremacist bubble, it's just another NIGGER supporting a NIGGER! That NIGGER isn't one of us! He should leave the Republican Party and go back to his SLAVEMASTER in the Democrat PLANTATION.

Michael Smerconish, longtime Philadelphia talk radio host with libertarian views endorsed President Barack Obama for reelection. He's been a fill in host for the defunct The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly, and now the fill in host for Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

Smerconish tries to poke holes in the argument of race and voting. The Republican Party itself comes off as condescending and overreaching when it comes to the Black and Hispanic/Latino community.

Smerconish asked the president about Powell's endorsement and the controversial Sununu. The president shot back at the criticism.

Polls shows that Americans have more of a dislike towards Blacks. That means that race is a factor to a fraction of the general voting population. The news media segments White voters. They call it men and women. The president has problems with [WHITE] men and barely leading in [WHITE] women.
Former governor of New Hampshire John Sununu talks his way into another controversy.
The Republican Party and their standard bearer Mitt Romney are already a 90% WHITE and 10% everyone else.

Whites make up 73% of the nation. They're rapidly decreasing in birth rates. May 2012 marked the end of an era. That first recorded birth rate has non-White Hispanics surpassing Whites for the first time ever. Interracial births are on the rise. That means more Black men are married to White women and the birth rate is growing by marriage.

Last week you've heard Ann Coulter call the president a "retard".

Sarah Palin stated the president is "shuckin' & jivin'" over the handling of the Libyan Embassy attack.

A man in California gets a display of the president and hangs it in a noose.

Virginia Republicans made a Facebook page with offensive depictions of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

The freedom speech allows the White supremacists to created hundreds of anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay, anti-Muslim websites. But the very thought of New Black Panthers standing outside a polling station, a Islamic cultural center in New York City, or giving undocumented teenagers an opportunity to become American citizens is treason. Let one Black person create an anti-White website. Let one liberal carry his firearm into a public arena and create a mass shooting. Let one woman hack off a man's penis in regards to birth control.

The conservative/white supremacist bubble depicts liberalism, moderates and non-partisans as enemies.

The game is up! Black voters are energized by this type of crap!

Conservatives harping about "OBAMA" phones, Jay-Z, voting on race, urban crime, violence upon a White person by a Black person, rape statistics, intelligence quotients and President Barack Obama are themes.

These things are the reasons to why White men are pessimistic about the economy and cultural issues.

This is why President Barack Obama already lose 5 to 10 points among [WHITE] men.

This is why Blacks should vote against the Republican Party.

Yeah, we got the first Black president.

But we also have the first majority WHITE political party!

Conservative media loves the attention and money that comes from division and hatred.

That's why I said previously, this is bullshit! The conservative need an enemy for profit.

Thank President Barack Obama.

So stand up and vote for Barack Obama. Help him win reelection.


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