Monday, June 25, 2012

SCOTUS: Arizona Law Smack Down!

In what may perceived as a victory to civil rights groups and the Obama administration in a 5 - (3) decision with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy siding with the liberal wing, Arizona's immigration law revisions were struck down with one revision remaining.

Justice Elena Kagan did not participate in the decision. The controversial Arizona law that advocated racial profiling of undocumented workers and sometimes American citizens was handed a stinging blow.

The Obama administration's challenge to Arizona's aggressive immigration law was merited with a decision. The justices strike out multiple provisions but upholding the "papers please" provision. Civil rights groups argue the latter measure, a centerpiece of S.B. 1070, invites racial profiling. For now, it's still a pull and please show identification legislation. But this ruling is likely going to cancel out Alabama, Florida and other states from creating their own immigration laws.

Republicans are not popular among the Hispanic community. Their nominee Mitt Romney is suffering from the worst deficit in minority votes in years. Romney has a strong white male vote but lacks in the remaining minorities and white women vote. President Barack Obama has a 3:1 advantage over the Republican nominee.

Also with this ruling, you may see Republican House and Senate lawmakers will horse manure federal immigration laws. They'll gradually push forth laws that may discriminate towards minorities.

The Republicans fear that if undocumented workers apply for American citizenship, and register to vote,  they'll end up voting for the Democrat.
Republican governor Jan Brewer express somewhat disappointment in the decision but yet kept up the charade of being defiant in the face of federal law. Maricopa County sheriff Joe Apario, a Republican, express pure defiance and says he'll continue to aggressive stop illegals from entering his county. The U.S. Justice Department is in the process of indicting the sheriff for civil rights and cruelty charges. Embattled Republican sheriff Paul Babeu hadn't spoken on the issue yet. He's under investigation for an alleged bribery attempt after he was outed by his undocumented boyfriend.

Now the historic American Health Care Reform (aka Obamacare) decision is coming down. We'll keep you posted on the decision. This decision could shake the national debate on federal mandates for insurance coverage.

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