Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tax Payers Flip The Bill For Protecting Bust Of Conservative Agitator!


In the state of Missouri, their native son, a pompous son-of-bitch who has not one damn patriotic bone in his body get a honorary bust of his likeness introduced in the state capitol. Those lovely supporters of a man who spent over 20 years fanning the flames of division.

A man who is under fire as of right now for a controversy that spawned his revenue supporters to bounce gets Hollywood treatment (at least in Missouri).

See I have no real problem with the conservative agitator. He's proven to be a quite entertaining and is a very controversial figure in the conservative movement.

You the state taxpayer have at least $1,100 of your money to have camera surveillance of a bust of a man who has no business being in the state capitol with the likeness of Harry Truman or Walter Cronkite.

In a closed door, heavily secured portion of the Missouri state capitol, House Speaker Steven Tilley (you already know what party) gave a standing ovation for the country's most chauvinist agitator.

A man who recently turned up the heat when a woman by the name of Sandra Fluke was called out by this agitator for her stance on birth control and her demands to allow it at employment institutions.

He wants to continue to make a mark on the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections. I guess the state's majority party in legislative power has to give him his dues as a famed Missourian.

He's on a mission to stop that Kenyan, Marxist, racist, terrorist, Muslim, down-low brother who is spending the American taxpayer's money traveling on vacations so his fat wife and two crumb munching children can paint the White House black.

He has a loyal base of angry rabid followers who will recite his commentary word for word on forums such as this one.

He doesn't really have to do much other than rant three hours a day, five days a week on hundreds of American radio stations. He's getting a nine figure salary for his work.

And even though, they're are some who can't muster the power to succeed this agitator's top seat.

He continues to be guaranteed voice of the angry white man.

Rich, but yet a bitter man. Sometimes, I almost think he's playing his audience like a bunch of fools.

I think he needs an enemy. This enemy makes him rich. Without this enemy, he wouldn't have the country so riled up over students beating up a white kid. The enemy's wife would try to force us to eat tree bark, berries and roots while she's pigging out on $1000 plates of ribs. The enemy wouldn't be a jackass if he didn't ignore the majority party in the U.S. House of Representatives plans on cutting government. The enemy has a middle name that a bunch of indoctrinated preschoolers recited at the request of a propagandist media who worships the enemy.

Yup, he's going to be around at least another four years trying to defeat that guy that those freedom loving Americans hate to see get reelected.

I assume there's going to be a bust of rapper Nelly in the Historic Hall of the Missouri State Capitol, right?


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