Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Super Mayor Krytonites Obama's Argument On Romney's Shoddy Record!

President Barack Obama and Newark mayor Cory Booker. Booker gave the Republicans the new talking point of the week. Booker is a strong ally to the president. His words in favor of Bain Capital has became a new distraction.
Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker is a popular figure among the progressive movement. He is the mayor of the roughest city in the United States. The rising star of the political left is generating buzz for a potential run for higher office.

He was dubbed the "superhero" of New Jersey after he help aid a neighbor out of a burning home and shoveled snow during the winter.

A strong ally of President Barack Obama, one may think Cory Booker's presence is helpful to the reelection campaign.

Alas, its not.

On the Meet The Press, Booker laid out the grenade and it ricochet into the Obama Campaign headquarters.

Booker went onto the program with David Gregory to defend the president's record on the economy but took to the defense of Bain Capital, the business founded by the perennial candidate for president, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.
U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney (center) was one the founders of Bain Capital, an investment firm.
Booker retracted his comments, but it was a little too late. The Republicans seized upon the comments and now this is the talking point of the week.

The conservatives are now seething with Booker's comments. They are now looking to hammer the president's argument of Bain Capital.

Republicans lawmakers were crowing about the Solyndra failures and placing the blame solely on President Barack Obama's doorstep. The Republicans are defending failed companies that Bain Capital invested in. They believe that the president's attacks on Bain Capital are unfair and they want to use Booker's comments as defense of the investment firm.

Looking into Wikipedia, and I seen that Bain Capital has invested in companies that are familiar with the general public.

Companies such as Staples, Burger King, The Weather Channel, Dunkin Donuts and Guitar Center are sponsored by Bain Capital.

Courtesy of NBC News.

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