Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Score One For The Culture Warriors...


In the race for the White House, perennial candidate for president Mitt Romney got the reluctant endorsements from three of his political foes. Last week Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minneosta endorsed the former Massachusetts governor. Most recently Rick Santorum, former senator from Pennsylvania emails his campaign team urging them to put aside their differences and stand firm with Mitt Romney.

Indiana's long term Republican senator Richard Lugar was defeated in a primary against Tea Party endorsed candidate Richard Mourdock, Indiana's Treasury Secretary.

Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett will be the Democratic candidate for governor. He will square off again against embattled Republican governor Scott Walker in a recall election.

In North Carolina, the amendment to ban gay marriage is approved by the voters. This amendment will define marriage between one man and one woman. This will abolish civil unions, benefits to gay couples, and it stands up to "activist" judges who push the gay agenda in North Carolina.

Fox News and the Drudge Report are hyping a story that was "covered up" by the Virginian-Pilot. The conservative agitator Bill O'Reilly sends Fox News political analysis Jesse Watters out to Norfolk, Virginia to ambush the editor of the newspaper. Watters, a notorious provocateur for The O'Reilly Factor is known to take statements of people he's ambushed out of context. And when they're seen on Fox News, the person that was ambushed by Watters is subjected to online death threats. Two journalist for the Virginian-Pilot were assaulted by a group of Black teenagers. The conservatives are trying to create a stir in Norfolk.

According to the Huffington Post, the state West Virginia, many Democrats voted against President Barack Obama for a inmate in the state of Texas. Conservative leaning Democrats have really soured on the president. The state of Oklahoma, Arkansas,West Virginia and Kentucky have Democratic have elected Democrats mostly at state level but since 2000, these states trend Republican. The disapproval from these conservatives states are higher and trend towards some of the reddest states such as Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are wrapped around the American flag in preparedness of these ridiculous culture wars. Whether you're a Republican, Democrat or independent, if you are a voter with conservative views, you'll hold bigoted views towards race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, economic and political standings.

President Barack Obama has the worst job approval among Whites. Mostly males. The Republican nominee will have allies such as Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, Matt Drudge, Fox News, conservative talk radio, blogs that support extremism within the Republican Party, and among others trying to stop the president from winning.

What is expected when you have a political party so fixated on defeating President Barack Obama.

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