Sunday, May 20, 2012

NAACP Endorses Gay Marriage

The National Association for the Advancement of Color People, is a major civil rights organization. For the first time, in over 100 years the civil rights organization has finally endorsed the idea of marriage equality.

The civil rights organization has come in favor of President Barack Obama's stance on the issue of gay marriage.

This controversial landmine has energized the Republican Party. The culture war is once again in full swing and the conservative activists are recruiting.

The Black community does having a strong showing towards President Barack Obama.

Republicans are looking to break this mold by having a wedge inserted in the support gap. Gay marriage is an issue that Blacks are strongly against.

Less than 40% of the Black community endorses gay marriage. Over 60% of White voters who support the Democratic Party endorse gay marriage.

This issue will cost some Black votes.

But will this issue become a wedge to hurt the president?

But the wounds of division are slowing heeling. The NAACP has stepped forth in support of the rights of the GLBT community.

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