Thursday, May 31, 2012

Turd Flipper Michelle Malkin Can't Fit The Shoes First Lady Obama Wears! She Throws Hissy Fit Over It!


God damn it, Michelle Malkin. What the hell is wrong with you?

Nevermind. We already know what's wrong with you! You're a whiny hot mess! You spend all your life complaining on your blogs about how the liberal establishment waging a proxy war against you! Am I right?

Do you spent your nights checking under the bed hoping that person you've attack doesn't sneak into your home where your husband and children live?

Are you going around with bodyguards when a liberal activist or a conspiracy kook harass you about inaccuracies in your books?

Are you banned from almost every media outlet outside of Fox News? I wonder why? Is it because of your obnoxious behavior and your obsessive shouting at people who don't agree with you?

You get into these heated debates with people who don't agree with your rhetoric. When you're defeated, you get a hissy fit! You post the numbers, websites, or events. And your cult followers threaten this person with death threats and relentless slander.

Why is this woman of color, dogging on the First Lady of The United States for writing a book on healthy gardening?

Michelle Malkin's campaign against President Barack Obama is beyond the pale of ridiculous. Her vicious behavior towards First Lady Michelle Obama has made me scratch my head.

I guess she's all riled up about last month's controversy when the former RIAA president and gay activist Hillary Rosen made a snide comment about Ann Romney being a stay at home mother.

As to why she attacks the First Lady, she stated that no one is off limits. In Malkin's opinion, if the First Lady wants to be getting friendly interviews on how to tell us how to eat, she should be attacked for it!

A woman who relentlessly foretells the horrors of the "totalitarian" government and its leader ruining the very fabric of the United States, makes her pleas to the country's most annoying conservative agitator.

A conservative agitator who spends three hours a day on radio, one hour on television screaming and whining about issues that his moronic audience soaks up everyday. A man who spends time in the toilet scoping up turds and throwing them at President Barack Obama and his allies.
Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin discuss the recently released book from First Lady Michelle Obama, American Grown, a book about healthy growing and people who choose to live healthy lives.

In the mind of these agitators, this fat ass woman who spends our taxpayer dollars on the lavish life is telling us to eat twigs, roots, tree bark and berries. I am assuming that you're probably upset she's eating a $1300 dollar plate of Bison ribs with a raspberry pie while traveling to Spain to see Beyonce.

The First Lady is aware of the situations with childhood obesity. The 60 Minute Play Campaign maintains active eating and exercising for young children.

Malkin was low enough to dub the First Lady a Marxist. Malkin even got time to dig at Barbara Walters, Jon Stewart, Robin Roberts and Soledad O'Brien for interviewing her.

While the president still struggles with job approval and popularity lapses, First Lady Obama still enjoys a comfortable high approval among Americans.

Courtesy of Mediaite.


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