Monday, May 28, 2012


The white supremacists online have once again found me to be a gadfly in their campaign against the Black community. This Trayvon Martin controversy has given a recruitment tool for these online jerks. They're actively rooting for an all out race war.

Grab your firearms, people! Those evil Black thugs who carry their angry attitudes are heading for the suburbs planning on stealing your White women and taking your values down in the suburbs.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League has counted over 1,000 active extremist groups. This time, they've included online extremism in the fold. This stuff is growing.

Yeah, so I am assuming these keyboard generals will waste their time harassing me, threatening me, create hundreds of fake profiles with images of me or my allies and/or making these ridiculous photoshopped pictures of me. I am actually laughing at these people now!

Let me repeat this once again for those who "think we'z be ignant".

I used to get annoyed by this nonsense. Now I just laugh at it and brush it off!

Because you know these people are so desperate. They've lost grip on reality. It's unraveling underneath them and there's nothing they can do about it. So instead of trying to plow a few more seeds to catch up, they'll spend time complaining on talk radio, these blogs and social networks about the day when "The Niggers Take Over!"

We have the first Black president, and they're working hard to defeat him.

There's one who devoted his time to writing blogs totally trashing us.

This is the last element of the world where these online racists can feel free to slander, harass, intimidate and paint us as the enemy. Forget international terrorism, the only thing that has these white supremacists up in arms is the Black community, President Barack Obama, and those who stand up against them.

There's more of us. Less of you.

To those people who troll the internet for all things Black, Barack Obama and White Power, this is the last thing left in your superiority.

As of May 2012, it was declared by the United States Census Bureau that minorities are growing at a faster birth rate than those who are White.

That has some upset. Conservative white men are likely to be people who troll online to start stuff with those who they deem as a threat to their radical causes. See I can imagine how many of these white angry men use these white supremacists forums. They'll bookmark websites like the Fox Nation, or The Drudge Report. There's call in to talk radio programs like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage to rail about those evil people in our country trying to steal the whole pie from the white guy!

To those internet trolls who anonymously comment online about the Black IQ.

I want you to understand this with the utmost sincerity.

If you were to take a citizenship test to pledge loyalty to the United States you will fail the test. Most Americans couldn't even figure out each state capital, yet these people online are the smart ones.

If you were smart, why aren't you rich?

From Alexa rankings, these hate websites that troll the internet attract at least 21,000 web hits. Not much traffic. Other websites such as the counterbalance website White Watch has traffic over 1.4 million hits.

If Blacks were so angry all the time, how come one didn't spent his/her time creating websites that attack whites in general?

I mean there's a website that devotes it time to trashing whites. There's no forums that devote their time to attacking the white race in general. I bet you if someone creates an anti-white website, I assure you that Sean Hannity, The Drudge Report, and other conservative agitators will find some problem with it. Of course insert Barack Obama in the conversation.

If I was all these things, you claim I am, how do you know? Do you follow my daily routine 24/7?

I am tolerant of race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, language, political and economic standings. I have grown accustomed to the hate that comes with my popularity. They're begging for me to respond so they can say, "Hey, this dude is responding back! We got him in our grip!"

No I won't waste an ounce of my keystroke to respond to these online losers. Let them take it to the streets.

Bring all your racial slurs, Tea Party rhetoric, anti-Obama rants, and blame the other guy crap to these so-called liberal Nigger loving communities you've scorned online. Let your First Amendment rights inspire active protests.

These people who are protesting against socialism, government spending out of control, corporate greed, preventing domestic austerity cuts,  police profiling, anti-choice, and for justice to Trayvon Martin are out there. Why don't you get your lazy asses off the computer and make some trouble?

Yeah, I love the women! The white women do love me and I still my love my Black women too!

You think we talk about sex all the time. Hell, you better hope that Black man isn't stealing your white girlfriend.

Interracial dating is on the rise and it's likely going to continue in the age of Barack Obama and a browner nation.

And I'm guessing in some these white supremacists are homosexual and they'll probably flip out if Black man steal their man!

I mean who could attract a bunch of people who'll never show their face but scream in your ear!

So I realize that I am making an impact here and at my affiliated blogs.

Me personally, I am inviting myself to attention. I am put my honest unapologetic opinion out there for the public to see.

I realize that even if I don't mention them, they'll find some issue with me or my allies and then they'll go ape shit crazy over it.

Why should I worry about you?

You're certainly worrying your butts about me.

But like I told you, it's not going to slow me or my allies down. We keep it moving and we're not afraid of a bunch of people who spent their entire lives hating people. 

So in closing to those who troll the internet with this hate. You trying to bait us with your rhetoric?

Meh, we are not worry about you! We just block it and move on!

So meh! We keep it moving!


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