Sunday, May 13, 2012

GOP Presidential Candidate's Son: Obama Gotten A Whole Lot Gayer!

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and his father, perennial candidate for U.S. President, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas)

Republican United States Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, the son of perennial candidate for U.S. President, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is just following his father's stances. The president backs gay marriage and the political land mine was set. The president's liberal activists praised the decision. The president's political foes are racing to the cameras attacking the decision and also complaining about the economic turmoils.

Rand Paul is a former doctor who campaigned in the 2010 U.S. Senate elections as the alternative to the Republican Party endorsed candidate. This controversial figure supports a majority of his lunatic father's stances on issues. The cult following of Ron Paul heavily carpet bomb the internet in favor his son and it earned the endorsement of conservative activist former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul both are pretty extreme in their views of this country. Some think they harbor views that come across as bigoted.

Senator Rand Paul speaks at an Iowa Conservative Forum and attack the president on his evolution.

Republicans laid the groundwork to tearing President Barack Obama. They feel that sticking only to the economy will be the key to retaking the White House. Republicans wasted a majority of years trying to stop the policies President Barack Obama. The Republicans are wrapping their asses and eventually their necks around the American flag in preparedness of a culture war.

About the cult of Ron Paul (including his son Rand Paul).

You might be one of these supporters of this kook candidate Ron Paul. 

Ron Paul is an establishment candidate who's "KOOKY" ideas appeal to the broad coalition of pot smokers who believe he'll legalize recreational use of the weed and every other narcotic in the country. 

The cult is a bunch of disengaged conservatives and libertarians who hate this nominee in waiting Mitt Romney. 

This cult has some dumb ass liberals who think he's all about ending the wars. These people ignore the fact President Barack Obama has closed out the Iraq war, and is slowly transition the military out of Afghanistan.

This cult attracts anti-Semitics who think that the "Jews control" the media, the banks, the New World Order and believes that the world advocates in favor of Israel. The anti-Semitics believe "The JEWS" are the threats to the entire existence of the world.

This cult faults the American mainstream media. They believe the media is trying to silence the candidate in a deliberate attempt to isolate his extremist stances on issues. These people claim that the media ignores Paul from being noticed in races that he either came close to winning or attracted the largest crowd size. Note I said crowds not rallies like you would get in Barack Obama rally. 

The cult wants to end foreign aid to lower nations and Israel is the perfect solution (even though these nations aid the United States in these goddamn wars). 

The cult wants to end domestic spending by cutting government agencies that aid lower incomes, the safety nets that prevent the economy from collapsing, subsidies that assist farmers, the disabled and small businesses. 

The cult has a whole lot of extremists in the fold. These are the ones who appear on tax revolters, survivalist, conspiracy theorist and White Supremacists websites. The cult thinks their a war within our borders. The cult ignores the white nationalists who contribute their hate and dollars to the Ron Paul campaign. 

The cult has members who refuse to embrace the U.S. tax code and will arm themselves to prevent the IRS from coming to their door. These are the keyboard generals who are trapped in the bunker waiting for the coming of a "race war"!  

These are the keyboard generals who will flock to websites that support him and embrace his theories. 

These are the keyboard generals who want to get into debates over how "we're the ones who are misinformed!" This comes from the slightest criticism of this man and his policies. 

The cult embraces the conspiracy that the government had a hand in the September 11, 2001 attacks in which it led to the war on terror. and people who think they've "read the Constitution all the ways!"

The cult embraces the conspiracies of President Barack Obama's birth certificate. They refuse to acknowledge his long firm and the infamous short firm birth certificate. The President of the United States is an American citizen and yet they are the ones who splinter the notion, that he's not!

You understand this! 

Ron Paul has no accomplishments under his nearly 35 years in Congress. 

One freaking bill was passed by Congress under his sponsorship. 

He has no other major political endorsements.

No one supports a fringe candidate who has a cult of ignorance. 

Just because a few "weed" smoking celebrities (Barry Manilow, Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson) endorses this piece of shit, doesn't mean shit! 

They'll end up voting for President Barack Obama any fucking way (once again for your information the title of the president to Barack Obama is relevant). 

Ron Paul and the supporters of the cult will get nowhere! What on earth thinks you got the notion that "he's winning" every freaking time" when hasn't?

Paul has not won any states and has the fewest delegates by far. 

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) are just like this douchebag, fellow perennial candidate (soon the be nominee) Mitt Romney.

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