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Don't Vote For The Nigger Says Georgia Bar Owner (At Least On His Road Sign)!

Patrick Lanzo Georgia Sign
Not the first time bar owner's sign causing a stir.
Its the continuation of extremism within the Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement.

In the state of Georgia, Patrick Lanzo the owner of Georgia Peach Oyster Bar puts out a sign that is an eye grabber.

Matter of fact, it's getting major attention.

In what could be another racial themed insult on President Barack Obama, many conservatives are making an attempt to discount the president as inferior, in turn they undermine the Black vote.

On the sign it reads, "i Do Not Support The Nigger In The White House" (sic).

Lanzo denies he's a racist. But asked to why he puts up such a controversial sign the owner acknowledges that it could touch off a firestorm.

A few years ago, this same owner caused some ire among the NAACP and others when he protested the racial slur to the road sign in protest of the 2010 American Health Care Law. Lanzo once claimed he was a member of the civil rights organziation.

Mike Norman, owner of a bar selling a racist t-shirt.
Only a mere four years ago, the owner of another Georgia bar created a t-shirt with the impression of a monkey with the words "Obama in 08". The monkey was a version of Curious George, a famous children's book. The bar was named Mulligans and its owner Mike Norman denies the t-shirt were racist. Norman thought of Barack Obama looking like that little monkey with the big ears. It was meant to be funny, at least in his opinion.

What is troubling is these people are going to make another attempt to play upon racial fears of Blacks.

What is troubling is the Republicans never bat an eyelash when one of their own is caught doing something that is deemed extreme. There may be some who look at this as an isolated incident, but if it wasn't for news agitators like Huffington Post, Newser, Buzzfeed and Newsone, these incidents could have been ignored.

While these assholes are entitled to their opinion. This incident as well as many others have consequences.

You look at the economic food chain. When a person or a group is offended by an action by an individual, they look upon this an attack not only on the person but the group itself. And in turn this what drives the sensationalism.

A birth control advocate by the name of Sandra Fluke for example. The Democratic Party wanted to debate the concerns of religious leaders who were opposed to a portion of the 2010 American Health Care law. They asked the Georgetown University student to testify in favor of the mandate that requires religious institutions that employ workers to have contraception accessibility. When Congressman Darrell Issa (R-California) denied her to testify, that created a firestorm. What was more troubling, the Republicans subpoena men to Congress to testify against contraception. When Congressman Issa finally allowed Sandra Fluke to testify, it became a major controversy when Sandra Fluke was called a slut by radio host Rush Limbaugh and mocked as a "lesbian" subliminally by Monica Crowley through her Twitter page. Instead of focusing on the issues that were a concern to Sandra Fluke, these two prominent conservatives made this a personal issue in which it affected a group. Now women are upset with Limbaugh and they managed to hurt him in revenue by boycotting his program. Crowley a woman herself, was forced to apologize for her remarks. President Barack Obama called Sandra Fluke to express his support of her.

Black teenager Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, a White (Hispanic) man. Instead of focusing on issues that are a concern among Blacks, Muslims and Hispanic/Latinos, many conservatives were up in arms about the tragedy. They ignored the fact the teenager was unarmed. They focused on his social networking websites, his use of marijuana, his school suspension and why he even wore a hoodie in the first place. They want to discount Trayvon Martin as a victim. What this led to was a protest march. The protest urged the United States Justice Department to get involved. The protest demanded the Florida governor Rick Scott, to hire a special prosecutor to get involved in which it led to George Zimmerman's arrest. The conservatives angered this group. This became a rally cry to boycotting ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), a conservative organization that sponsors controversial state legislation.

See these incidents are a sign of the strategy Republicans are playing.

What is the most troubling is the Black community is always provoked by White conservative men. The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are wrapping their asses and eventually their necks around the American flag in preparedness (or defense) of these ridiculous culture wars. Conservatives harbor bigoted views towards race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political and economic standings. 

The progressives (liberals) seem to label conservatives as racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, overreaching, condescending, morons with pain inducing rants that cater to extremists.

They never tell you that one! You see that every time a conservative complains about President Barack Obama or the Black community in general, the word salad usually includes:
[Blacks] aren't capable of solving problems. They're always creating turmoil! They are fixated on blaming their faults on the White man! They are always screaming racism! They're always taking from hard working [Whites] by staying on welfare and food stamps. [Blacks] are the ones who are really racist! You see how Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Barack Obama defend the [New] Black Panthers. They rather give Black racists (and criminals) a pass but accuse Republicans and conservatives of being racist themselves. There are so many incidents that involved black on white crime, it's unbelievable. This stuff is never reported in the 'liberal media'. White women are raped by [Black] males everyday! They never report this stuff. When Blacks claim a crime was committed by a White person, they are causing trouble by lying about these so-called crimes to seek attention! You never hear about this stuff because Blacks are so in love with Obama. Because the Blacks are so fixated on trying to keep their "brotha", Barack Obama in the White House. The overwhelming support of Barack Obama by Black voters is troubling. They will never look at John McCain, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain as the candidates willing to help Blacks. They are brainwashed into voting for Democrats, plain and simple! 

We're trying to transition them out of the "Democrat Plantation". We keep telling them that the Democratic Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan. We keep telling them that Democrats are always keeping them poor! We keep telling Blacks that Democrats want more abortions, same sex marriage and are holding them back! When these White liberals vote for Barack Obama, we believe its White guilt. Because they don't want to be labeled a racist. The Republicans were the party of Civil Rights, and yet the Blacks support the Democrats. They refuse to acknowledge civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was once a Republican. They refuse to acknowledge that the Dixiecrats [State's Rights Democratic Party] were the ones who turned the fire hoses on Blacks and endorsed Jim Crow laws. Republicans want to make the Black community lives better. We accomplished a big goal this time by electing two Black legislators to Congress. We got Allen West and Tim Scott. The Tea Party isn't racist. You prove to us there's a racist in the Tea Party and we can tell you that the Occupy Wall Street movement is racist. Look how many White people attend these events. Have you seen a Black person at the Occupy Wall Street Protest? We had plenty of Black speakers at the Tea Party. You Black people are going to make it harder for Barack Obama to win. You keep pushing these stories to paint the Republicans as racist, in turn we will gain more White voters because they'll eventually get tired of your stories of Trayvon Martin, the "racist" ramblings of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama. We will make it our goal to see President Barack Obama as a "one term president".
Now tell me if you haven't read or heard this from a conservative Republican or a conservative who votes Democrat.

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