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WikiLeaks's unveiling of secret State Department cables exposes U.S. diplomacy

WikiLeaks's unveiling of secret State Department cables exposes U.S. diplomacy [] A vast treasure trove of secret State Department cables obtained by the Web site WikiLeaks has exposed the inner workings of U.S. diplomacy, as well as bluntly candid assessments by American diplomats, according to news organizations granted advance access to the more than 250,000 confidential documents.

Wikileaks's unveiling of cables shows delicate diplomatic balance with Pakistan
Foreign governments say WikiLeaks revelations undercut relations with U.S.
U.S. asked China to stop missile parts shipment to Iran
: Wikileaks cables expose world leaders' sensitive diplomacy
WikiLeaks's release of documents shows struggle to relocate Guantanamo detainees
WikiLeaks cables reveal personal details on world leaders
WikiLeaks's unveiling of secret State Department cables exposes U.S. diplomacy
Obama administration to WikiLeaks: Documents' release would have 'grave consequences'
WikiLeaks release: With better sharing of data comes danger
Secret cables reveal that U.S. believes Iran has advanced missiles
Pentagon details security changes prompted by leak
Text of White House statement on WikiLeaks release
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange takes Post readers' questions
Clinton: Wikileaks release an 'attack on international community'

The documents suggest U.S. diplomats were ordered to engage in low-level spying by obtaining foreign diplomats' personal information, such as frequent-flier and credit card numbers, presumably to better track their movements.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Princess Entitlement Mentality

Recordings of Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Digitized by Hoover Archives | Hoover Institution

Rigoberta MenchúRecordings of Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Digitized by Hoover Archives | Hoover Institution

The sound recordings of Rigoberta Menchú that formed the basis of her autobiographical book, I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala (London: Verso, 1983), compiled by Elisabeth Burgos-Debray, are digitized and available for immediate access at the Hoover Archives. Menchú, a Quiché Indian woman who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 1992, was interviewed by Elisabeth Burgos-Debray over the course of a week in 1982. The recordings are among the Elisabeth Burgos-Debray papers at Hoover.

In the introduction to I, Rigoberta Menchú, Burgos-Debray writes, “Every day for a week, we began to record her story at nine in the morning, broke for lunch at about one, and then continued until six in the evening. We often worked after dinner too, either making more recordings or preparing questions for the next day. At the end of the week I had twenty-four hours of conversation on tape.”

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gainsbourg and Whitney Houston

No Sex Education Please, We're Arab - IPS

Sex education is expelled from Egyptian schools. / Credit:Victoria Hazou
Sex education is expelled from Egyptian schools.

Credit:Victoria Hazou
No Sex Education Please, We're Arab - IPS

CAIRO, Nov 22, 2010 (IPS) - Civil society has warned of adverse social and health consequences after the Egyptian government ordered the removal of content related to male and female anatomy, reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from the school curriculum.

"We know most of this material wasn’t being taught, but removing it from the curriculum is a big step backwards," says Noha Roushdy, researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

Egypt’s education ministry has instructed schools not to teach lessons on "reproduction and propagation methods", "pollination and fertilisation" genetics, and anatomical illustrations of the male and female reproductive systems. Teachers were ordered to disregard chapters on these subjects in existing biology textbooks, and new textbooks have been printed that omit the lessons.

Stop DC's war on the black community!

Stop DC's war on the black community!

[] The war on the African community in DC is in full swing.

In response, the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) will hold an event titled, “Stop the war on the black community!” at Everlasting Life Café (2928 Georgia Avenue; Washington DC).

The event will be held on Saturday, December 18th at 2:00pm EST.

Keynote speaker will be InPDUM President Diop Olugbala.

The exchange of leadership between the two imperialist parties during the recent elections has had no effect on oppressed people.

City officials continue their attacks on all fronts, including gentrification, economic oppression, police containment, and a newly introduced attack on DC’s welfare program.

The gentrification problem, in particular, is so severe that DC—historically known as the “Chocolate City” because of its majority black population—is in danger of losing that title by 2020.

Same old. Same old.

Democrat Adrian Fenty is soon to be replaced as mayor of DC by city council chair Vincent Gray, also a Democrat. According to popular media, it would seem that things are about to brighten up.

The popular media reports that Gray lacks the level of arrogance Fenty was known for.

They say he will not build dog parks for white citizens in formerly African communities, or tear down our schools. Allegedly, Gray won't ignore “the people,” as Fenty has.

The question remains though: what will Gray do? He will inherit DC's 150-million-dollar deficit, and, as has been the trend set by Democratic mayors before him, he will make up for this deficit on the backs of Africans.

Already, Gray has co-signed an attack on the DC welfare program, initiated by former mayor, current city council representative and beloved neocolonial stooge, Marion Barry (who also is a member of the Democratic party).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jerry Haber: FAQ on Zionism and Racism

FAQ on Zionism and Racism [] Many in Israel and abroad have equated Zionism with racism – but is it justified?

By Jerry Haber

Is Zionism inherently racist?

No. Zionism was never based on theories of racial or even cultural superiority. Zionism, was and is a movement to achieve Jewish self-determination (there are other elements as well). For most Zionists, the place for that self-determination was and is the Land of Israel.

Is there racist Zionism?

Sure, there are certainly racist versions of Zionism, if we broaden “racism” to include theories of religious-racial superiority.

Have there been racist Zionists?

Sure, but not by virtue of their Zionism. Even the attempts of certain religious Zionists to posit a metaphysical distinction between Jew and Gentile, or who suggest that the Ishmaelites have inherited their ancestor’s hatred of Isaac, etc., can not be laid at the feet of their Zionism, but rather their understanding of Judaism. And, of course, there are racists everywhere. Even cultural Zionists like Magnes expressed feelings of cultural superiority towards local Arabs in his private correspondence. But that did not figure into his Zionism. He simply was an American who had spent time in Germany, and who had the cultural snobbery that infects many people. In America, German Jews didn’t let Russian Jews become members of their country clubs because they viewed the latter as uncouth and vulgar. A person can be a bigot and a Zionist, but that doesn’t make Zionism bigotry.

Former FBI Agent, “Peltier was Wrongfully Convicted”

Former FBI Agent, “Peltier was Wrongfully Convicted” #FreePeltier #COINTELPRO #corruption - ElyssaD's Posterous

A Native comrade on Facebook put me onto this. Thanks go out to him.

M. Wesley Swearingen, FBI Secrets: An Agents Expose (Available on ):

Former FBI agent M. Wesley Swearingen, stated:

“I was an FBI agent in Los Angeles when Leonard Peltier was convicted, and I know from FBI documents that I read and from statements made by fellow FBI agents, that Peltier was wrongfully convicted of murdering two FBI agents just because the agents investigating the case wanted someone to pay for killing the two FBI agents. I know, for a fact, that the FBI is also covering up its culpability in the death of the two FBI agents.”

Swearingen is the same agent who exposed the FBI misconduct in the case of Geronimo Pratt, whose conviction was eventually overturned. Pratt was set free after 20 years of false imprisonment. If you still think that the FBI and the U.S. government are the good guys.. stop and think again.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Conferencia de Suleiman Baraka: '¡4 Años de Encierro! - Gaza Sobrevive'

La Fundación Euroárabe presenta en Granada la conferencia de Suleiman Baraka, titulada '4 años de encierro! Gaza aun sobrevive, un estudio prospectivo y personal del espació científico de Gaza La.

En la que aborda cómo los habitantes de esta zona sobrevivieron a cuatro años de encierro y a una brutal guerra global.

Suleiman Baraka es profesor de la Universidad Al-Aqsa (Franja de Gaza,
Palestina) se graduó en Física Teórica en la Universidad AlQuds
(Jerusalén) en 1987, posteriormente realizó estudios de gestión
empresarial en la Cámara de Comercio de Chesterfield (Reino Unido, 1996)
y se diplomó en administraciones públicas en la Universidad de
Pensilvania (EEUU, 1998). Actualmente trabaja para el programa PEACE
(Programme for Palestinian European Academic Cooperation in Education),
siendo responsable del proyecto "Telescopios para Gaza" y "Enseñanza e
Investigación de la Astronomía en las Universidades palestinas de la
franja de Gaza".

Durante seis años fue responsable de relaciones
públicas e internacionales en la Cámara de Comercio Palestina
(1992-1998) y posteriormente, director de relaciones internacionales del
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente (1999). Trabajó para el Ministerio de
Asuntos Exteriores de Gaza (1999-2001), siendo responsable de política
con los EEUU, y Director de Relaciones Internacionales de la Autoridad
Palestina. En 2000 retomó su actividad científica y de investigación,
realizando su master en Física Teórica en la Universidad Islámica de
Gaza (2003) y su tesis doctoral en el Instituto de Astrofísica de Paris

- Conferencia en inglés asistida de intrepretación al castellano

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When did being a ho become a requirement for female rappers.

When did being a ho become a requirement for female rappers.

I grew up in a era with Queen Latifah and MC Lyte when female rappers prided themselves on their skills on the mic and not on trying to see who could swallow it. What happened to wanting to be respected as an artist?

Read more:

For Colored Girls Who Considered Scapegoating When Accountability Wasn't...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Royalty & Enneagram Type: From the Prince's BabyMama to His Royal Princess...

Royalty & Enneagram Type: From the Prince's BabyMama to His Royal Princess...: "From the Prince's BabyMama to His Royal Princess...
It is rare that a Prince marries his BabyMama (which probably is a reflection of society). Usually she fills his nursery and his private quarters until the prince has to make a suitable public marriage. If she is done right by, the BabyMama gets financial support
to maintain herself and children in comfort like Tamara Rotolo and Nicole Coste. (Prince Albert of Monaco refused to marry his 2 BabyMamas but did provide for his children.)"

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Stupid Indians" .... "Indians are of no use" "Indians don’t understand anything or how to do anything"

United Farm Workers | "Stupid Indians" .... "Indians are of no use"
"Indians don’t understand anything or how to do anything"

These are the kind of insults, from supervisors, made to indigenous workers at Giumarra Vineyards. And you can imagine the treatment that goes along with this attitude. Please read the below alert and then take action.

In January we reported that a young woman, 17 years old, was harassed sexually by a co-worker at Giumarra. She complained to the company about the unwanted sexual advances, and the company did something.

When she and fellow workers complained, they were fired.

These workers are all members of indigenous groups from Mexico. In a lawsuit filed by the former Giumarra employees who are Plaintiffs in the lawsuit, they claim they were the targets of abuse, insults, and discrimination by Giumarra supervisors just because they are indigenous.

Michael Savage: Obama is a thin skinned, community organizing Marxist

Michael Savage EXPLODES: Obama Administration, McCrystal Resigning, Media!!

CMS vote highlights deep divide; accusations of racism -

CMS vote highlights deep divide; accusations of racism -

Victimhood is power crowd is at it again.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

260,000 Homeless Veterans—6,500 Are Women

The Nonprofit Quarterly | @npquarterly | 260,000 Homeless Veterans—6,500 Are Women: "Source: Miami Herald | Women veterans are “up to four times more likely to lose their homes than civilian women.” Among the hundreds of thousands of veterans who end up homeless in this country are 6500 women. They struggle with the same constellation of issues as other vets: mental health issues, addiction and an inability to re-adapt to civilian life. Some are sexual abuse survivors and others have lost their children. The number of women veterans who are homeless have doubled over the past ten years and even so, they make up only a small fraction of the estimated 260,000 veterans overall who find themselves homeless over the course of a year. Programs established to provide housing and supports for homeless vets are often struggling for funding."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Destruction of the African Male in America is Now Complete.

Proficiency of Black Students Is Found to Be Far Lower Than Expected -

But a new report focusing on black males suggests that the picture is even bleaker than generally known.

Only 12 percent of black fourth-grade boys are proficient in reading, compared with 38 percent of white boys, and only 12 percent of black eighth-grade boys are proficient in math, compared with 44 percent of white boys.

Poverty alone does not seem to explain the differences: poor white boys do just as well as African-American boys who do not live in poverty, measured by whether they qualify for subsidized school lunches.

The data was distilled from highly respected national math and reading tests, known as the National Assessment for Educational Progress, which are given to students in fourth and eighth grades, most recently in 2009. The report, “A Call for Change,” is to be released Tuesday by the Council of the Great City Schools, an advocacy group for urban public schools.

Although the outlines of the problem and many specifics have been previously reported, the group hopes that including so much of what it calls “jaw-dropping data” in one place will spark a new sense of national urgency.

“What this clearly shows is that black males who are not eligible for free and reduced-price lunch are doing no better than white males who are poor,” said Michael Casserly, executive director of the council.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog: An Uncle Tim

Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog: An Uncle Tim: "An Uncle Tim

Perhaps the best-written response to Tuesday's election -- frank, clear, logical, and pithy -- is by professional anti-racist Tim Wise"

Mr. Wise is just pathetic.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

[Ireland] Anarchists Condemn Police Violence Against Students

[Ireland] Anarchists Condemn Police Violence Against Students - Anarkismo

student_bleeding.jpg“I witnessed masked men in padded clothing beat a woman around the head with a baton. She was so scared she couldn’t move even as they shouted at her to do so. My friends and I helped her away from where the police where hitting people. The police refused to listen to our calls for medical attention and instead pushed me on top of this woman using a large plastic shield. This was only one of many instances of brutality. I also saw police punch, kick, drag and throw to the ground the people who occupied the Department of Finance.[1]. It was clear to everyone that the police decided to intimidate and physically assault us. The low number of arrests compared to the very high level of injuries suggest that this was a tactic decided at a high level. It was as if the police wanted to provoke a violent response from us. All we could do was try to defend ourselves and each other from these thugs.” [2]

“While several WSM members where present in the demo, other members watched from the vantage point of our office window which directly overlooked the scene. We witnessed many injuries as a result of police violence, mostly unprovoked batoning, but also the use of the edges of riot shields to dig into people. We witnessed police horses being run directly into a mass crowd, we saw women and men sitting on the ground, beaten with lumps of stick the police call “batons”. We witnessed police dogs being reared into the crowd as people shouted “peaceful protest”. I heard the police swear and verbally threaten students, one saying they would “knock the fucking ***” out of me if I didn't move.”

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

December 2009 Newsletter : Sexual Victimization and Requests for Assistance in Inmates’ Letters to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission

Federal Probation : December 2009 Newsletter : Sexual Victimization and Requests for Assistance in Inmates’ Letters to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission

THOSE NOT EDUCATED in the criminal justice system often believe that it works without flaws: someone breaks the law, is caught, and is issued a sentence proportional to the crime. The time in jail or prison is served quietly, while the offender is rehabilitated and taught skills that will aid in positively contributing to society upon release. While the offender is serving the sentence, tax dollars allow him or her to be maintained in a safe, secure, and humane environment. As criminal justice academics and practitioners, we know that this sunny look at incarceration is rarely the actual experience of an offender. Although their frequency may be sensationalized by the media, the numerous hardships of prison and jail life (e.g., rape, gangs, drugs, abuse) do exist.

Numerous studies have shown that sexual violence occurs within the confines of correctional institutions; both inmates and correctional staff can be perpetrators, and there are patterns of characteristics among victims of correctional sexual violence. In 2003, the United States Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) in order to address the issues of sexual violence in correctional settings. As a part of PREA, the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC) was established by Congress to conduct a comprehensive study of federal, state and local government policies and practices related to the prevention, detection, and punishment of prison sexual assaults (NPREC 2007).

Sexual violence in correctional institutions is well documented (Beck & Harrison, 2006, 2007; Davis, 1968; Wolff, Shi, Blitz, & Siegel, 2007a), but the dynamics of such and how inmates experience it remain less well understood. Because of the sensitivity of the topic, inmates are not inclined to speak out about their experiences; however, several options for reporting victimization and seeking advice, guidance, and assistance are available. For some individuals, the method of choice is to contact, in writing, the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC). This study focuses on the correspondence from inmates to NPREC with a goal of identifying the goals, contexts, and requests included in inmates’ correspondence.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Jimmy Carter: Fox News is ‘totally biased,’ implants ‘completely false images’

Jimmy Carter: Fox News is ‘totally biased,’ implants ‘completely false images’ | Raw Story

Former President Jimmy Carter slammed Fox News Channel for their coverage of President Barack Obama and said the Tea Party does not realize it is financed by oligarchs.

"With the discussion groups, for instance, on Fox News, that are totally biased, and they implant completely false images not only of the facts about legislation that's passed, or doesn't get passed, but also about the character of President Obama," Carter told CNN's Howard Kurtz on Sunday.

Fox News' opinion shows cater almost exclusively to conservative audiences and the network has been a vocal critic of Obama since he won the election in 2008.

"When conservatives such as myself and others pointed out that we felt Barack Obama had radical ties and socialist, radical views, we were laughed at, made fun of, people thought we were too harsh on the president," Fox News' host Sean Hannity said in October. "Now a full, you know, 60 percent of the American people view him as socialist."

In July of 2009, another Fox News' host, Glenn Beck, claimed that the president had "a deep-seated hatred of white people or white culture."

The Food Desert in Tulsa Oklahoma


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