Monday, September 13, 2010

Henry Louis Wallace - Night Rider (trailer)


Menelik Charles said...

Sister Reyna,

I’m having a real heated debate over at Abagond’s blog here…

…regarding the true level of inter-racial marriage among Black men. Some poster say its 22%, I think the figure is much lower. What is it, Bro. cos stats are open to so many different interpretations?


Menelik Charles
London England

La Reyna said...

Menelik Charles of London,

Thanks for the link. I've just commented there. I just don't believe the hype from the media that Black men are intermarrying more. That's just a way American media does to stir up division among the American people.

La Reyna

Menelik Charles said...

Sista Reyna,

gotcha, thanks! This subject is really tough going!


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