Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chavez claims Ecuador leader 'in danger of being killed'

Chavez claims Ecuador leader 'in danger of being killed' - Telegraph

Mr Chavez said that his lefitst ally had been "kidnapped" by police inside the hospital and trying to oust him from power.

Peru and Colombia both said it would close their borders with Ecuador while their leaders, along with Mr Chavez, were flying to Argentina for an emergency meeting of the regional body UNASUR to discuss the events. The US condemned “any attempt to violate the democratic process.”

The government declared a state of emergency, enabling the military to take over the functions of police taking part in the rebellion, Security Minister Miguel Carvajal said.

Scores of soldiers swarmed over the landing strip of the international airport, forcing it to close. Witnesses said there was looting in Quito and in the city of Guayaquil, and that many workers and school students were being sent home.

Elsewhere in Quito, uniformed police burned tires in protest at a proposal to cut their bonuses.


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