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Imperial Avenue by Ruth Staniford « Sisters Voice

Imperial Avenue by Ruth Staniford « Sisters Voice: "Imperial Avenue by Ruth Staniford2010
Ruth Standiford
Peace In The Hood
For more than three years, Black women were disappearing in Cleveland, particularly in the Imperial Avenue area and no one seemed to notice or care. For more than three years, a foul smell filled the neighborhood air and neighbors complained and complained. Nothing was done. The sausage company on the corner of Imperial and East 123 was blamed. For more than three years, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s office came out to the pretty house on Imperial Avenue , next to the sausage plant (that was blamed for the foul smell) and checked on the Tier 3 registered sex offender who had served 15 years in prison for a violent rape who lived there, as required by law. The officers did not see or, strangely enough, smell anything unusual.
In the cases of some of the missing women, police reports were made and made and made. In some cases families were told there was nothing the police could do. Members of Survivors and Victims of Tragedy, Peace in the Hood, Black on Black Crime, Inc., V.O.I.C.E.S and other grass roots organizations passed out flyers and attended vigils and worked with other collaborating partners such as some of the churches. Families began to talk of a serial killer on the loose. Everyone dismissed that idea as silly. Michelle Mason disappeared after telling her family she was meeting with a guy from Imperial Avenue, who had served 13 years in prison for stalking someone."

Read more by clicking the link above. May the Imperial victims rest in peace.

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