Monday, July 13, 2009

BLACK WOMEN In Interracial Relationship Who BASH Black Men

This video was doen in Sep 2008...and I speak on black women who feel only black men are deadbeats as if running to a white man is going to solve everything.

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laromana said...

I find the chronic ARROGANCE and IGNORANCE of MANY of these DBR BM DISGUSTING and OFFENSIVE. They have the nerve to go out of their way to TRASH the HUMANITY, DIGNITY, and FEMININITY OF BW when they have so MANY OBVIOUS FAULTS of their OWN that they SHOULD be dealing with.

Like women of ANY RACE, BW are FREE to love, date, marry and PREFER/not PREFER WHOEVER they want without having to explain themselves to ANYONE or listen to other people's IGNORANT, IRRELEVANT, JUDGEMENTS.

Also, since BW are INDEPENDENT, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS, NO ONE, especially ANTI-BW BM, has the right to tell us WHO we can love, date, or marry.

BM ARE NOT the CENTER of a BW's universe and WE DON'T NEED the INPUT of ANTI-BW BM in ANY PART OF OUR LIVES. If saying this seems "HATEFUL" or "BASHING" to CERTAIN BM, they can learn to DEAL WITH IT and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.


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