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The Grim Sleeper- 11 Black Victims, No Suspect

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How long will it take for police to investigate the serial murders of 11+ Black women? Tell me? Is it going to take 10 more years as in the South Side Slayer serial murder? I want to know. Here's an article at BlackVoices on the Grim Sleeper murder:

"'The Grim Sleeper': A Dozen Black Victims, Two Decades, No Suspect
Posted Mar 4th 2009 9:00AM by Denver LouisFiled under: BlackSpin, Crime and Courts, News
The LAPD is staking it's claim as the most inept police department in the country. In nearly two decades, 11 or more people have been murdered by the same man, with the police department nearly powerless to stop it. Recently, an emergency call from 1987 was released in hopes of getting a lead on L.A.'s most notorious serial killer, dubbed the "grim sleeper" for the significant time lapse in between his killings. The killer has been at large since 1985, despite a $500,000 reward and samples of his DNA on file. As far as the police know, all of his victims have been black. So what's taking so long? ...

The biggest lead the police have is a call from a man who says he saw a body being thrown out of a van. Unfortunately, the caller couldn't identify the driver and declined to identify himself.According to the Associated Press...

Six victims were found with the killer's DNA on them but a search of prisoner databases came up blank. Detectives went on to ask the California Department of Justice to run a DNA search that sought possible matches to the killer's relatives.''

Can the police and the community connect the dots sooner on the murders and diligently find the suspect? Had they done their jobs, some of those women would have been alive.

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