Sunday, March 15, 2009

Domestic Violence in the Black Community, real talk

I am sure by now that many if not of you have heard of the Chris Brown Rihhana incident by now. Chris Brown was dead wrong and as bad as this whole thing was it has opened up the door for us to talk about the 500 pound goriilaa in the African American Community, Domestic violence. On this weeks show host George Cook discusses:

* The lack of male role models contributing to this problem.

*Black men have to step up and start protecting our women.

*The conflicting messgaes some boys get from some black women about hitting girls.

* Yes, girls hit too and do start fights with men.

*From a male perspective he wonders like many men do why more women don't just leave the situation and pleads for women to do so.

Listen to the show here:

1 comment:

Unbreakable said...

So all of a sudden here its a black thing, listen men is man no matter what color,race or creed, and they all do beat woman, not saying that all men do, just saying all races has abusive men.

I am not even going to listen that show, just going to share my two cent.

man is wrong to hit woman, woman is wrong to hit man.

when each or the sexes are provoked anything could happen.


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