Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why are so many black men in prison?

Why are so many of our black men in prison. Reasons range from lack of education to lack of fathers involved in a child's life. Over 70% of men who don't get a high school diploma wind up in prison. Learn more by clicking the link below:


MsBlake said...

Everytime I think about it I just get upset all over again. I would say the ultimate reason is since Black men were brought to this country on ships, they have posed a threat to their white counterparts (consciously and subconsciously). The microinequities that Black men face are somewhat fundamentally different than those of Black women and some would argue far more damaging. Why? Because in a society where it is still believed that men should be breadwinners, they were conditioned to believe they were not men, inferior, incompetent, not capable of doing as well. What it means to be a man is important for men (and is a different discussion altogether) but Black men were stripped of the opportunity to define what it meant for themeselves.

With all that went out within us, to us, and around us during and after slavery still has ramifcations today. Ok, so it may not always be physical but psychologically far too many of us are still there.

Unfortunately, many Black men "bucked" the system to find their own unconventional ways to achieve the "American Dream" that they did not have equal access to...

All of these things resulted in drug trafficking, robberies, etc

Other forms would include becoming rappers, football players, basketball players...but the odds of this happening for most men are not great.

Barack Obama's presence is very important in so many number of ways.

Ok sorry for flooding your blog today.

La Reyna said...


I cosign with your comment. In a society where men are supposed to be the breadwinners and protectors of women and children, Black men were and still are blocked from doing so. It has a profound impact upon Black male/female relationships then and now.

What say you?

La Reyna

MsBlake said...

I agree! Black male and female relationships are overwhelmed with tension especially concerning gender roles. Black men spend a LOT of time trying to reassert their manhood and often take it out in various ways on black women rather than "the man" or "systems" that initiated the inferiority complex.

Black women on the other hand do not trust their men to "take the lead" or contribute even 50%. We are so accustomed to having to do everything on our own that we sometimes hurt or even push away those men who try or want to contribute but may be not as confident or up to our standards.

We have a lot of work to do within ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. We are hurt on so many levels.

Not to harp on this again but...

Again the Obama family will be a national example of not only Black Love, but they will also show positive images of Black men, women, and children. This is something that we saw only on the Cosby show or via some other form of entertainment. These images are important.

Anonymous said...

How long do you think it will be before slavery, which ended over 130 years ago, and segregation which ended (legally) back in the 1960s, no longer count as a valid excuse for us? As a black man, I believe that it is almost completely cultural. People of all races are born in to all different types of circumstances.
The problem is that young black men are faced with the choice of either "selling out" or subscribing to hip-hop culture which largely overlaps with "gangsta" culture or "thug life." Sure there are exceptions but by and large this is the case. The only way many young black men can succede is by, an a previous blogger mentioned, is by becoming a rapper or an athelete. Both of the professions do not require adherence to the social norms that most sucessful people of all races adhere too (getting up early, holding a 9-5 job, saving money, spending money responsibly).
The ONLY way for this situation to improve is for black people to cast off this "victim mentality", stop giving it to peer pressure and oppresive culture, and take responsibily individual actions.
If we don't then will be easily exploited, imprisoned and oppressed, just as we deserve to be. The election of Obama proves that anything is possible with hard work, excuses and complaining lead to more of the same.

Anonymous said...

agree with anonymous. Hip hop culture is part of the problem. So are broken families. No one forces black men to deal drugs, buy guns, join gangs. Black people are just as capable and talented as any other race. Look at musicians such as John Coltrane and writers such as Alice Walker. If the black community, as anonymous said, can recognize the cycle of problems that urban black youth face and work proactively instead of blaming it on a lack of opportunity, we can hurdle racism and progress as a nation.

Anonymous said...

Black men have a war that they must fight and win
against their oppressor by any means . This is plain and simple. The use of education, money and non-cooperation are means to win battles against the oppressor.The oppressor is not going to volunteer to
give up its power because it is the just,fair and right
thing to do. It must be (MADE) to release what it has
unfairly stolen to obtained its current position of
wealth and power. Warning "Do not try to fight this
giant in a phone booth", take it out into a international
battle field where others will help you bring it down.


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