Thursday, January 22, 2009

CENSORED NEWS: AIM West protest in solidarity with Leonard Peltier

CENSORED NEWS: AIM West protest in solidarity with Leonard Peltier: "All My Relations, Companeros, Friends in Solidarity,
By Tony Gonzales
In view of what occured Tuesday to our friend, Sun Dance Brother, a GrandFather and Elder, Leonard Peltier, AIM-WEST calls on friends and allies to come out this Friday in San Francisco and demonstrate their solidarity and deep concern for Leonard's life, safety and security. Please to go for detailed location and time.Our allies are encouraged to hold rallies and demonstrations in cities across the country, and throughout the world, and register their concern as well, those who know the case of Leonard Peltier's imprisonment these last thirty-three years. This is a moment in time where we can take the opportunity to share with the outside world another example, and further expose the treatment and injustices committed against Indigenous peoples' held hostage by an oppressive government."

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