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Al Sharpton vs new civil rights movement

First let me thank Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune for sending me this story.

For those that don't know there was a horrible rape attack in Florida at a place called Dunbar Village cmitted by a group of young black men against a black woman. Not only was a mother raped but she was then forced to perform oral sex on her 12 year old son.
They both had household chemicals poured in their eyes and their attackers attempted to set them on fire.

The monsters that comitted this crime have been caught and have been denied bail. Enter Al Sharpton. He want's these boys to have a chance to post bond while awaiting trial.

I honestly believe that Al Sharpton and the NAACP of which I am a member are wrong on this one. These boys committed a horrible crime and don't deserve bond. You can read Howard's article on this matter by clicking the link below:

.George Cook

Friday, March 28, 2008

The lie that just won’t die

Crooks and Liars » The lie that just won’t die
The Jeremiah Wright controversy was — and, arguably, still is — a major threat to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. When voters, especially centrist white voters who hoped Obama might be some kind of post-racial candidate, saw an angry Christian pastor making inflammatory remarks from his church pulpit, it caused some concerns.

There was, however, an upside. No one in their right minds could see all of this uproar and still think Obama is a Muslim. One would have to be a blithering fool to discount the wall-to-wall coverage of Obama attending a Christian church, and befriending his Christian pastor, and nevertheless fail to believe that Obama is a Christian.

And yet, there are an astonishing number of people out there that just can’t let go of the lie.

A Pew Research Center News Interest Index survey earlier in March found that 79% of the general public had heard rumors that Obama is Muslim, and 38% had heard “a lot” about this. The current survey finds that most voters have no misconceptions about Obama’s religious beliefs – 53% say that he is Christian. But one in ten believes Barack Obama is Muslim. Roughly a third (34%) say they don’t know what his religious beliefs are, though 9% say the reason they don’t know is that they’ve heard different things about his religion, not that they haven’t heard about it.

Notably, the impression that Obama is Muslim crosses party lines: 14% of Republicans, 10% of Democrats and 8% of independents think he is Muslim. Within both parties, ideology is a major factor: 16% of conservative Republicans believe Obama is Muslim, compared with 9% of moderates and liberals. And 13% of conservative and moderate Democrats believe Obama is Muslim, compared with just 5% of liberal Democrats.

I just have one question: what is wrong with these people? OK, one more question: what more will it take for these folks to accept reality?

Senator's support may help Obama to woo white working class - Newstin

Senator's support may help Obama to woo white working class - Newstin: "Barack Obama will receive the endorsement of a key senator from Pennsylvania today, a potential boost as he faces the next big primary prize in his fight against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination ... . The support of Senator Bob Casey, a Catholic..."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ann on Pat Buchanan

Ann's hard-hitting article on Patrick Buchanan's latest bigoted attack on African Americans. As usual, she provided hard facts that people would rather not read about, let alone hear. This is a must read article. Click here.

Thank you, Ann, for writing this article. It confirms what I had in my mind regarding Mr. Buchanan since high school.

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Before They Were Stars

Diane Sawyer, Halle Berry, Delta Burke, Vanna White, Mary Hart and Michelle Pfeiffer were all beauty queens before they became very, very, very famous

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Race Speech: Making White People Feel Safer by Telling them That Its not "Only" Their Fault

So far Barack Obama has not failed to disappoint in regards to his willingness to kiss the big fat ass of White sentimentality in America. Mr Obama it seems will go to any embarrassing length to play the “good guy” apologetic, no-hurt-feelings Negro of so many an exotic Sidney Poitier dream so many White folks dream of at night. While they sleep soundly secure in the fantasy of the epic sonnet to global White Power by Rudyard Kipling, the reality of White supremacy and its negative effect on no-European societies go unmentioned and unnoticed by the White colonialist mind. No wonder, to face such horrors is self-incriminating and the sense of justice all men feel when confronted with the genocidal actions of one people against another indeed do demand justice.

For Barack Obama to plead with the White American population about their dream for a race-neutral United States that utilises theological-corporate Europocentric values and objectives as the sole fundamental litmus test for universal understanding while himself a very public victim of White American racism is appalling. Not that my analysis nor the deconstructions of my brothers and sisters observing this minstrel show will mean much outside of the African community. We do not own major media. We do not even own the creative expression packaged and marketed around the world for the direct benefit of the White businessmen who own and jealously guard the means of production. Our opinions, when it comes to critiquing the colonialist government and society that claims dominance over us, are limited not just by our lack of access to technology, but the reluctance Whites have in listening and reading to voices that do not reinforce their sense of entitlement and authority over the entire world. It is the proverbial sea in which we all swim. White makes right, no matter what the circumstances.

The fact that Mr. Obama is acting like a sucker by punking himself out on international news media to the sheer delight of the liberal White representatives is not a minor thing to us. Unlike the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan and his own pastor Reverend J. Wright, Obama is enthusiastically handing over his manhood, and I’ll say it the way I feel it, his African manhood, to the White American public, a population that has hated and fought the Black man and woman from attaining any sense of measurable dignity by any means necessary. And the fact that White people in the United States have always scuffled and without a doubt continue to resist acknowledging the damage that they as a society have and continue to be responsible for is a moral crime that their own twisted version of Palestinian theology promises will be accounted for in the afterlife.

This was the message behind Pastor Wright’s much reported sermons and African people still able to function after four hundred years of genocide know it when they hear it. At some point Mr. Obama hear it too. Is it that the gleam of being the “first” Negro in the White House is too strong? Are Black people in America that politically shallow?

When one looks at Condi Rice and Colin Powell and especially Supreme Court house-negro Clarence Thomas we must as reasonable people of conscience say yes. Their records of support staff for White Power in the United States make this clear as does their silence on race issues. Mr Obama has made his contribution to the “race problem” by taking any responsibility for White American racism and ethnic bias away from White people. For Barack Obama, racism in the U.S. is an equal opportunity endeavour:

Obama Race Speech: Read The Full Text - Politics on The Huffington Post: "Just as black anger often proved counterproductive, so have these white resentments distracted attention from the real culprits of the middle class squeeze - a corporate culture rife with inside dealing, questionable accounting practices, and short-term greed; a Washington dominated by lobbyists and special interests; economic policies that favor the few over the many. And yet, to wish away the resentments of white Americans, to label them as misguided or even racist, without recognizing they are grounded in legitimate concerns - this too widens the racial divide, and blocks the path to understanding."

“Legitimate concerns?” Mr. Obama actually defended White racism as ‘legitimate concerns’ held by a wide swath of Americans. How else should a person of colour perceive such a statement? Barack Obama has cast his lot with White America and in no uncertain terms. Even to the point of patently excusing the historical marginalisation and murder such attitudes encompass.

Why not just hand the Ku Klux Klan a medal for upholding the best aspects of American White fears and the collective inability of the colonial White mind to accept responsibility for mass destruction of the non-White planet? He might as well, the White mainstream media in particular the liberal “alternative” sectors are already praising this sermon to the American White man and Israeli as “groundbreaking”, “illuminating” and “historic”. Why wouldn’t they? He provided more than enough grease to ease their public sodomy of him and by fiat, each and every African in America.

Barack Obama is not my candidate, nor is he the candidate of any self-respecting African living in the United States.

The Angryindian

Pictures From the Atlanta Tornado

The Pictures tell about the severe damage resulted from the deadly tornado in Atlanta last Friday. I was there when it happened. It's mindboggling!

Maximum Sentences Handed Out In Megan Williams Case

Hat tip to What About Our Daughters

Monday, March 17, 2008 - DIDDY AND BIGGIE KNEW ABOUT TUPAC ATTACK: LA Times article points finger at Combs and Notorious B.I.G. in 15 Year-old assault. - Black Entertainment | Black News | Urban News | Hip Hop News: "*New evidence has linked two associates of entertainment mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs and the late Christopher 'Notorious B.I.G.' Wallace to the 1994 beating of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur.

The article, written by Chuck Phillips on the L.A. Times website reveals that although Combs and Wallace knew about the Shakur ambush before it happened, there is no evidence that supports that they were involved in the actual attack.

The story claims that Combs was present in the Quad Recording Studio with at least two dozen Bad Boy Records Associates when the assault took place ten floors down in the lobby.

Shakur was pistol-whipped, shot five times and left for dead outside a New York City recording studio.

'It was supposed to just be a beating but it turned into a shooting because Tupac pulled a gun,' Philips said."

Georgia cop killer denied new trial -

Georgia cop killer denied new trial - "ATLANTA, March 17 (UPI) -- The Georgia Supreme Court said Monday it would not order a new trial for convicted cop killer Troy Anthony Davis.

Davis was sentenced to death in Chatham County for the murder of Savannah Police Officer Mark Allen MacPhail, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Since his trial 17 years ago, seven prosecution witnesses have recanted their testimony, the newspaper reported.

Writing for the majority, Justice Harold Melton said the court could not 'disregard the jury's verdict' in the case."

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Health | 1 in 4 teen girls has an STD, study says | Seattle Times Newspaper

Health | 1 in 4 teen girls has an STD, study says | Seattle Times Newspaper: "FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — More than one in four teenage girls is infected with common sexually transmitted diseases, federal researchers reported Tuesday. Almost half of black teens were infected.

Young women ages 14 to 19 in 'alarming' numbers are contracting human papilloma virus, chlamydia, genital herpes and trichomoniasis, a common parasite, said Dr. Sara Forhan, a researcher at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the study team."

Madonna - Like A Prayer (1989)

last night p.diddy ft keyshia cole


aaliyah tribute-breaks my heart

Tribute to Baby Girl and Jessie Davis.

jessie davis ultimate tribute vid-emotion

sistine chapel michelangelo

Michelangelo's finest creation.

Remembering Chandra

Tribute to Imette St. Guillen

Obama - Meet Michelle Obama

The Coup Magazine: STD Infection Rates High Among Black Young Women

The Coup Magazine: STD Infection Rates High Among Black Young Women: "In a recent study conducted by federal health officials, the first of its kind on a national level, in fact, researchers discovered that one in four young women, ages 14 to 19, are infected with one of the following diseases or viruses: human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, genital herpes, and/or trichomoniasis. While some diseases, such as chlamydia, can be treated, if caught in its early stages, as to not lead to additional bodily harm, others, such as HPV, can mean life-long consequences, including genital warts and even cervical cancer. Unfortunately, black young women, despite their relatively small portion of the entire U.S. population, were found to have contracted the aforementioned diseases/viruses/infections at the highest rates:"

Nearly half the African-Americans in the study of teenagers ages 14 to 19 were
infected with at least one of the diseases monitored in the study — human
papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, genital herpes and trichomoniasis, a common
parasite. The 50 percent figure compared with 20 percent of white teenagers,
health officials and researchers said at a news conference at a scientific meeting in Chicago. The two most common sexually transmitted diseases, or S.T.D.’s, among all the participants tested were HPV, at 18 percent, and chlamydia, at 4 percent, according to the analysis, part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

As if we are living in parallel universes, black women both here and abroad are experiencing high rates of STD infection, yet when reviewing the research, I wondered what was missing? Where is the follow-up discussion here regarding the partners of these young women, and their demographic information? Had their male partners ever been incarcerated? Were they older than the young women? What were the class levels of the respondents? What was the sex education, if available at all, like in the schools of the respondents? What were the households of the respondents like and did they discuss sex with their parent(s)? Did they have easy access to contraception or even women's health resources? Had the young women ever experienced sexual assault?

The study raised more questions than it gave answers, but hopefully, there will be an extensive overhauling of the way we educate our youth when it comes to sex and their bodies. If not, I could only imagine the numbers getting worse.

- Wendi Muse

MRSA Superbug Infections Now Killing More Americans than AIDS

MRSA Superbug Infections Now Killing More Americans than AIDS: "An antibiotic-resistant strain of the common staph bacteria is now responsible for more deaths in the United States than AIDS, according to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. 'This is a significant public health problem' said CDC medical epidemiologist Scott K. Fridkin. 'We should be very worried.'

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a variant of a common bacteria species that normally causes easily-treated staph infections. While staph infections are not usually life-threatening, if untreated they can cause wounded flesh to necrotize (die), leading to painful and disfiguring abscesses. In severe cases, the bacteria can spread to other parts of the body, such as joints, bones, lungs, blood or other vital organs. This can cause potentially fatal complications, and patients so infected must be given intensive care immediately."

Blogspot: Friends of Leonard Peltier: U.N. Panel Finds Two-Tier Society

Blogspot: Friends of Leonard Peltier: U.N. Panel Finds Two-Tier Society: "UNITED NATIONS, Mar 11 (IPS) - The United States government is drawing fire from international legal experts for its treatment of American Indians, Blacks, Latinos and other racial minorities.

The U.S. is failing to meet international standards on racial equality, according to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Last Friday, after considering the U.S. government's written and oral testimony, the 18-member committee said it has found 'stark racial disparities' in the U.S. institutions, including its criminal justice system.

The CERD is responsible for monitoring global compliance with the 1969 Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, an international treaty that has been ratified by the United States."

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Body of model found in Paris river -

Body of model found in Paris river - "PARIS, France (AP) -- The body of Katoucha Niane, one of the first African women to attain international stardom as a model and a vocal opponent of female genital mutilation, was found in the Seine River, police said Friday."

The Emergence of the Contemporary “New Negro”

UK Indymedia - The Emergence of the Contemporary “New Negro”
Barack Obama and the Immaculate-Genocide of the African-American Male

"Whites should not tyrannize over [blacks], for their disease should entitle them to a double portion of humanity. However, by the same token, whites should not intermarry with them, for this would tend to infect posterity with the 'disorder'... attempts must be made to cure the disease."

- Dr. Benjamin Rush, signatory of the Declaration of Independence and abolitionist

Before I get deep into yet another article on the much ballyhooed “promise” of the ‘Barack Obama for President Movement’ sweeping colonial America, I am keenly aware of a pressing need to be candid with the reader, if only to assuage a mild sense of personal guilt. Firstly, regular readers of my newswire Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo should be aware by now that I as an individual I do not vote in American elections. As an Aboriginal human being indigenous to North America and unwillingly subject to colonialist domination under the political entity known as the United States, I choose not to authenticate the Euro-American claim to this landmass nor my person by legitimising their system of power. So I have no particular love nor preference for any political affiliation associated with the narrowness of American politics.

Secondly, for a variety of reasons and chiefly due to an innate sense of solidarity with my fellow blood-brothers in the Diaspora, while I do not support Obama or his candidacy, on principle I had so far stuck to my decision not to write anything that may in any way jeopardize his race for the White man’s house. With a heavy heart recent events have forced me to reconsider my position and my allegiance to someone in which even I, if only fleetingly, could envisage would bring some pause to the madness of the first world as it applies to the rest of the human community.

There are two distinct actions on the part of Barack Obama that I personally find disgraceful coming from an African, especially an African running for president of the United States. Foremost in my mind is his very public rejection of the Honourable Min. Louis Farrakhan for the crime of expressing his support for the ‘Obama for Change’ campaign. This move on his part was as Uncle Tom-ish as one could get without breaking a chorus of "I Wish I Was in Dixie". Barack has gone above and beyond in making the point to Goy and Zionist America and in no uncertain terms that he did not, wished not and sought not any form of endorsement or sustenance from Minister Farrakhan or the rank and file membership of the Nation of Islam.

He even went so far to do the good darkie dance during the televised democratic debate in Cleveland, OH last week with media-whore number one MSNBC moderator Tim Russert getting in his face with questions, accusations really, about the public NOI endorsement. Instead of challenging Mr. Russert on why this question is not asked of the republican John McCain who grandly accepts endorsements from the likes of evangelical hate-monger John Hagee who calls for open warfare between American Christians and Muslims, he allowed Russert to berate him incessantly on the issue...

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Missing girl, Chioma Gray may be in Mexico

For those that may have forgotten Chioma Gray of Oxnard California has been missing since December 13 2007 and is believe to have been avbducted by a man named Andrew Tafoya. There have been several rumors recently including one back in February that placed her in Portland Oregon. Now authorities believe she may be in Mexico. Click the link below to read an article on how Chioma's mom Franciene Blacks feels that police mishandled the case from the beginning especially by not issuing an Amber Alert:

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Betty Jean Susie Baucum 1970-1994

Betty Jean(Susie) Baucum 1970-1994

Very beautiful, vivacious, sweet, and virtuous as well,Betty Jean was affectionately known by family and friends as "Suzie". Very angelic in appearance, her relatives described her as a quiet young woman with a very lovely smile. One young lady said of Betty that she was "She was one of the nicest people you would ever come across.''

Unfortunately, this promising young woman's life was senselessly taken by violence, from a serial killer who use charm to betray this angelica's innocence and sweetness on March 9, 1994, as he had done with ten other attractive young Black women from 1990-1994. The angelico princesa Betty Jean was given a very honorable funeral a week after her body was found in March 10, 1994. She had a lovely daughter, Betty Jean, whom she loved dearly. The mother and daughter share the same birthdate, March 7th.

Let us remember the Angelico princesa Betty Jean as the sweetest flower and may this innocent young woman rest in peace.

LAUREL HILL -- Betty Jean ``Suzie'' Baucom was never late for work.When she didn't show up for her job as manager of a Bojangles restaurant in Charlotte last Thursday, her co-workers began to worry. Baucom's mother in Laurel Hill called her daughter in Charlotte but got no answer. Friends knocked on her door at The Lake apartment complex on Albermarle Road, but no one answered. At 10 a.m. on March 10, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police found Baucom, 24, dead on the floor of her bedroom. Police said she was one of 10 victims of Henry Louis Wallace. Wallace, 28, was charged Sunday in Baucom's death and in the deaths of nine other east Charlotte women. Wallace was a crack addict who worked in numerous fast-food restaurants in east Charlotte, police said. Wallace knew his victims and strangled them when they let him into their homes, police said. This week, Wallace was linked to the slayings of four other women -- three in Charlotte and one in his hometown of Barnwell, S.C. Baucom knew Wallace because his former girlfriend worked at the restaurant, a co-worker said Wednesday. Wallace robbed Baucom's apartment and stole her 1988 Nissan Pulsar, according to her mother, Betty Jean White. The car was found in the apartment complex parking lot the day after Baucom's murder, police said. Another woman Wallace is accused of killing lived in Baucom's apartment complex. Police said Brandi June Henderson, 18, was found strangled the evening of March 9. Henderson's 10-month-old son was choked but is alive, police said. Baucom, a Laurel Hill native, had been in Charlotte for six months when she died, White said. Baucom, whom relatives described as a quiet young woman with a ready smile, was a 1989 graduate of Scotland High School and attended Richmond Community College. She moved to the city so she could better provide for her 3-year-old daughter, B.J., whom Baucom adopted from a relative, White said. White said her daughter was working more than 50 hours a week trying to save money so she could attend college in the fall. Jeff Ellis was one of the first people Baucom met when she began working at the Bojangles restaurant on Central Avenue in Charlotte. He and Baucom began their manager-training together and then worked side-by-side almost every day for the past few months. ``She was one of the nicest people you would ever come across,'' Ellis said. Ellis said the restaurant will be closed today so co-workers can attend Baucom's funeral at St. Mary AME Zion Church in Laurel Hill. It was Ellis who called White in Laurel Hill when Baucom didn't show up for work on March 10. ``We knew that something was wrong,'' he said. White went to Charlotte with B.J. on March 7 to see Baucom on her 24th birthday. White returned to Laurel Hill on March 8 and spoke to her daughter by phone. On March 9, White tried to call Baucom but received no answer. Her daughter's answering machine was not on, which was unusual, White said. Police later told White that the answering machine was one of the items Wallace stole, as well as Baucom's television, videocassette recorder and gun. White said she had encouraged her daughter to buy the gun when her roommate moved out. Baucom was going to get a one-bedroom apartment in another complex in April, her mother said.

Charles Knipp and His Hateful Stereotyping of Black Women

The media focus their so-called ire at Imus and hip hop in general didn't focus on this scummy comedian by the name of Charles Knipp who use a mythical, stereotypical Black female alter-ego, Shirley Q. Liquor in his many stand up comedies around the country. This man is getting away with making money and jokes at the expense of Black women. Black women have been viciously stereotyped for centuries and to this very day. Here comes Mr. Knipp who have no compunction in manufacturing tired, destructive anti Black women hatred that haunted America. We hear enough from media pundits and politicians who make their living off of telling the general public what they want to hear about Black women.

Where's the outrage, people?


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Robert Downey Jr. Plays Black Man In New Film - Entertainment on The Huffington Post

Robert Downey Jr. Plays Black Man In New Film - Entertainment on The Huffington Post: "f you don't recognize that African-American actor standing between Jack Black and Ben Stiller, there's a good reason: He's white. In Tropic Thunder, an epic action comedy co-written and directed by Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. plays Kirk Lazarus, a very serious Oscar-winning actor cast in the most expensive Vietnam War film ever. Problem is, Lazarus's character, Sgt. Osiris, was originally written as black. So Lazarus decides to dye his skin and play Osiris, um, authentically. Funny? Sure. Dangerous? That's an understatement. ''If it's done right, it could be the type of role you called Peter Sellers to do 35 years ago,'' Downey says. ''If you don't do it right, we're going to hell.''"

Aaliyah - Are you that somebody

Links for March 5, 2008

Here a just a few links for March 5, 2008:

Ann has written a post on the Sean Bell case

Brother Abagond has a post on why society hangs on to stereotypes of Black women.

State of Black America 08 focuses on Women

The State of Black America, "In the Black woman's Voice."

The 2008 edition of the State of Black America report is subtitled "In the Black Woman's Voice." As the subtitle suggests, the report provides the black female perspective of the challenges that currently confront women of color in America. To read a summary of the report that focuses on issues facing black women such as education, employment , housing, and more please click the link below:

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La Belle Brandi Henderson

Here's a brief Bio of Brandi J. Henderson:

'Living in some terrible times' One of 10 victims of an alleged serial killer is buried


March 16, 1994CHARLOTTE --

Mourners gathered at the Macedonia Baptist Church on Monday to say goodbye to Brandi June Henderson -- and to condemn the violence that claimed her life just 10 months after she became a mother. Henderson, 18, was one of 10 victims police say died at the hands of a killer who had been stalking Charlotte women for nearly two years. Her boyfriend found her strangled at her apartment Wednesday night. Their 10-month-old son also was choked but survived.

"I cry over my daughter," said Debora Childers, Henderson's mother, as mourners entered the church. But Childers said she would never cry for Henry Louis Wallace, the man accused of killing her daughter. She took solace in knowing that her daughter's death had helped police make an arrest. Paying their final respects, friends and family filed past Henderson's open coffin, a white casket adorned with pink and white flowers. "We are living in some terrible times," said the Rev. John H. Walker, decrying the violence that cut short Henderson's life. "We are living in some troubled times where the value of a human life is too low." Henderson, her boyfriend Lamar Woods and their son Tareese Woods shared an apartment at The Lake, a complex near Wallace's last apartment and the Bojangles' restaurant where three more of his alleged victims worked.

Friends and family recalled Henderson as a warm, loving woman. "She was full of life," said Joann Hite, the victim's cousin. "She was friendly with everybody. She loved people." Tareese was released from the hospital on the same day his mother was laid to rest. Woods, who works at two fast-food restaurants, said he plans to raise the child himself. Woods and Henderson had been a couple for two years. "She was a wonderful person," Woods said, holding Tareese in his arms at the church. One day after Henderson was killed, the body of another woman was found in an apartment at the same housing complex. Police say the woman, Betty Jean Baucum, was Wallace's ninth victim. Cheryl Julian, who lived across from Henderson's apartment at The Lake, chatted with Henderson several times when they bumped into each other in the parking lot. "She was very sweet," Julian said. "She had so much life ahead of her." Addressing mourners at the funeral, Sally Miller echoed Julian's lament. "This young lady's life was just beginning," Miller said. "This young lady should still be here to raise her baby, to walk in the park." Miller, whose 13-year-old son was killed in a drive-by shooting, spoke on behalf of a group called Mothers of Murdered Offspring.

The organization was founded last year after the slaying of Shawna D. Hawk, another of Wallace's alleged victims. "Let this light burn," Miller said. "Remember your daughter."


Wallace murder trial takes toll on victims' familiesState seeks execution for former Barnwell manWeb posted November 22, 1996CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The gruesome details of Brandi Henderson's death were too much for George Burrell.He ran from the Mecklenburg County courtroom in tears Thursday as prosecutors, building their case against defendant Henry Louis Wallace, began describing the death of Ms. Henderson, Mr. Burrell's cousin.``Today would have been Brandi's birthday, and it's also mine. She would have been 21,'' he said later outside the courtroom. ``It's especially hard because she's not here with me.''Ms. Henderson is one of 11 women Mr. Wallace is charged with raping and killing - mostly by strangulation - over a period of 20 months. All the victims were young black women who knew Mr. Wallace.Another reminder of his cousin is Mr. Burrell's 3-year-old nephew, Tyrece, who traveled from Chicago with his father, Berness Woods, to testify.Prosecutors say the former South Carolina man also tried to strangle Tyrece along with Ms. Henderson when the child was 10 months old.``Every time I look at Tyrece I see her (Brandi),'' Mr. Burrell, who turned 26 on Thursday, said somberly.It was the second day of the Wallace trial, which already is taking a toll on the victims' families.Mr. Wallace, 31, is on trial for nine counts of first-degree murder and 18 other crimes in connection with the string of deaths that ended with his arrest on March 12, 1994.He also is charged in two other deaths - one in Charlotte and the other in Barnwell, S.C. - but those cases are not part of this trial.Prosecutors spent the afternoon questioning police investigators and crime lab technicians who participated in the search for the killer.Much of the testimony focused on a palm print found on the back of victim Betty Baucum's car. The print eventually led police to Mr. Wallace, who had been arrested and booked on an unrelated larceny charge shortly before he was arrested in the slayings.



Even White Supremacists Don’t Hate Obama
by Michael Crowley
David Duke: “I don’t think Obama will be any worse than Hillary or John McCain”

The New Republic

by Michael Crowley
Even white supremacists don’t hate Obama.

David Duke was on the phone, talking about Barack Obama. Yes, that David Duke: After a query lodged at his website, the infamous ex-Klansman had responded via a mysterious e-mail address–he appeared in my inbox as “info45.” (Duke regularly changes address to combat hate mail–the kind he doesn’t like, that is.) Duke said he was traveling in Europe, where he often meets with fellow Holocaustdeniers, and agreed to discuss the possibility that the United States might soon elect a black president.

Bloody Flag

Putting it mildly, one would not expect Duke to applaud this development. During Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign, after all, Duke said Jackson’s election “would be the greatest tragedy ever to befall this country.” Warning that “the white majority in this country are losing their rights,” Duke announced his own counter-candidacy, one whose main purpose seemed to be hounding Jackson.

Yet, far from railing at Obama’s rise, Duke seems almost nonchalant about it. Self-described white nationalists like himself, he explained cordially, “don’t see much difference in Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton–or, for that matter, John McCain.” Sure, Duke considers Obama “a racist individual,” citing his Afrocentric Chicago church. But soon the founder of the National Association for the Advancement of White People was critiquing Obama as overhyped and insubstantial in terms you might hear from, say, Clinton strategist Mark Penn. “They say he’s for change. What change? He’s become almost a cult figure. I don’t see any shining light around Obama’s head. I don’t see any halos,” Duke said."

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Nappy Head: A Black Woman's Perspective on Race, Politics And Interracial Relationships

Happy Nappy Head: A Black Woman's Perspective on Race, Politics And Interracial Relationships: "It's not hard to find myself asking 'what the hell is going on' when confronted with images of black women on BET, MTV, and the internet acting like they have 'gone wild.' It's easy to put blame on the rappers and other purveyors of 'smut.' They do have a great burden to carry, I acknowledge. Unfortunately, there is no mistaking the fact that some black women are willfully and intentionally playing into a harmful stereotype that really and truly embarrasses us all.

You might say 'these women don't represent me!' Yes they do. We know the reality of the situation. People will make excuses for 'Kirsten' and 'Madison' showing their tits and making out on a bus in front of a camera for Joe Francis' 'Girls Gone Wild' all day. They were just 'experimenting!' They were just 'drunk.' They are good girls! After all, they go to Arizona State University or UCLA! They have bright futures ahead of them and all that."

Double Consciousness: Live from New York, Here's Your Saturday Night Minstrel Show!

Double Consciousness: Live from New York, Here's Your Saturday Night Minstrel Show!: "From Aretha Franklin to Star Jones, Kenan Thompson is no stranger to making a spectacle out of the large black woman. The fictional character of Virginiaca Hastings literally takes the cake as Kenan's most minstrelesque role on Saturday Night Live.

This is not merely a matter of dressing in drag, but a much deeper racist and sexist mockery of the hypersexualized black woman."

Mainstream Beauty Standard for Black Women by Abagond

Sad, but true.


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