Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Tour Of Poor Dayton - A State of Emergency

This video will describe the aftermath from the Hurricane Ike. The storm's remains came through the Dayton metro area leaving thousands of residents out of power, gas prices soar to $3.999 or $4.099. One gas station was selling gas at $4.299. I will elaborate on the costly clean-up for not only this area but the state of Ohio.

The reasons why I called this A Tour Of Poor Dayton is pretty simple. Our economy is hit hard by the recent manufacturing crisis. Our city is facing turmoil. Population decreasing, crime on the rise, and homes being foreclosed at rapid rates in not only Dayton, Ohio but the Midwest in general! I make these videos to inform and inspire others to show concern for our communities. I also help reignite those who previously lived and reside in the Dayton area with memories of their once beloved hometown.

So once again, I will put to rest all the criticism by stating that I am in no way disrespecting Dayton, Ohio. I am putting a retrospective of living in the Rust Belt. If you have any questions or want to correct me on the record. Please do not hesitate to message me and/or make video responses. I am not perfect and I am not trying to be a know-it-all. All I am doing is taking a camera and making a difference. You cant stop me from doing that, right? Thanks to everyone who views these videos.

See previous videos here on my YouTube Page or the original page at http://youtube.com/LILVOKA.

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