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"Crazy" John Mc Cain chooses Gov. Palin of Alaska as his second...What will the hardcore misogynist Radial Right think about this?

Inteligentaindigena Indigenismo Novajoservo: "Crazy" John Mc Cain chooses Gov. Palin ofDAYTON, OHIO - AUGUST 29:  Presumptive Republi... Alaska as his second...What will the hardcore mysoginist Radial Right think about this?

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So, John "I can say Gook if I want to" McCain has finally announced his running mate, "Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a self-defined "hockey mom" who like Democratic Party pick Barack Obama has only recently entered political service is the "surprise" GOP Vice-Presidential candidate.

I for one cannot understand why anyone would be surprised since she logically helps balance McCain out with the Christian Right. She accepts Creationism, opposes abortion rights, laughs at his off-colour jokes and evidently does not personally see a problem with McCain's anti-female screeds that offend most everybody else. In effect, she is the perfect comic foil to McCain's Colonel Klink who will, as he has for the past several months, continue to stumble, misidentify or gaffe his way through his presidency should he be elected, or appointed by the corporate class like George W. Bush.

Being female she could sucker some of the disaffected among Hillary Clinton’s firm supporters but in the end it’s a White woman representing the elite classes versus the “Black Muslim” from the anti-White church with the White mama and funny name.

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Fox Pundit: Alaska ‘Right Next Door to Russia’
“Fox & Friends” co-host and international relations genius Steve Doocy filled some time before John McCain’s official VP unveiling extravaganza on Friday by suggesting that McCain’s chosen She-publican, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is actually a formidable player on the world stage because of Alaska’s proximity to Russia.

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