Monday, August 04, 2008

David Yeagley Is At It Again

David Yeagley is at it again with his racist/sexist rant.
I'm so sick and tired of Mr. David Yeagley, fake Indian, ranting about Blacks and women. Here's a sicko article on White women and Interracial relationships:

"White Woman DownA Case of Depression

'White Woman Downby David Yeagley
White women are destroying America. “White trash” women are polluting America with interracial sex of every grade, producing children with impossible identities and crippled self-esteem, and these women are doing it all in the name of charity, equality, or survival. On, I published an article on May 18, 2001 entitled “What’s Up with White Women?” It proved to be my most quoted article, beginning with authors like Pat Buchanan, Robert Spencer, and a host of bloggers. That article called attention to the fact that many American white women have lost respect and confidence in the country. I quoted the Cheyenne proverb, “A nation is never conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.”But I didn’t take it far enough. The proclivity of white women for interracial marriage in this country is worse than most people realize. Never mind the forced images of white women with black men in the media. What’s happening in the street?Lower income white women are making a mockery of America.Take the recent case in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, a small coal mining town. Headlines were all about a hate crime where white teenagers accidentally killed a Mexican immigrant. “PA Teens Charged with Fatal Beating of Immigrant,” as ABC put it, July 25, 2008. The “immigrant” was, of course, an illegal Mexican, among many who have invaded the small town. The 25-year-old Mexican was with a teen-aged (white?) girl from the town, and the teen-aged boys who attacked him were white. Luiz Ramirez, criminal trespasser, unmarried baby-maker,accidently killed by white teen-agers in Shenandoah, PA.The six-year illegal also had what the report calls a “fiancée,” a white woman, Crystal Dillman, a native of Shenandoah. The “couple” has already had two children, and Dillman brought in a third from another relationship. This is total degradation. No marriage, just children—interracial children, with improvident social circumstances. White women like Dillman have no respect, no values, and no future. Just relation after relation. Child after child. Oh, sure, the media presents the “couple” as a fine, upstanding American family. “Father of two,” it calls the criminal Mexican trespasser. But words like “father” and “mother” do not apply to this kind of situation. That is a misapplication of words. That is a usurpation of meaning—something media has become expert at, in promoting liberal, anti-American social values. “Fiancée?” Is that supposed to legitimize the adulterous relationship and the bastard children of the depressed white girl and the foreign, criminal trespasser? Of course, the town officials are happy to make as big a national story as possible, as is the government. The FBI is now involved. (Why weren’t they involved in ridding the town of the illegal Mexicans in the first place? That’s what they’re supposed to do. It is an international crime to enter another country illegally, is it not?) The Mexican/Latino advocacy groups are of course eating it up. It is a grand opportunity for them. The media, the Mexicans, and the liberals, will all have a grand frenzied fest out of it. But the real story is about how “white trash” women can destroy a community with their aimless pregnancies. Worse, these pregnancies are all about “saving the world.”This is the “white woman savior” syndrome has noted before (April 27, 2003). (In fact, I hinted at it in early 2002, on another article, “What’s Up With Dark Men?”) It’s about lower class (and sometimes higher class) women using sex as a savior for dark men. Or, it could be the Freudian explanation that people naturally feel sex is “dirty,” so white skin makes it seem less dirty. Who knows?In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I’ve seen this dynamic work in unexpected ways. There were over 50 social service agencies in downtown Sioux Falls just a year ago. Street level social workers, white women, get churches behind them, financially, and they bring over boat loads of Africans, Middle Easterners, and sometimes Asians (—though the latter is usually a little above that). Mostly males! What happens? The dark men find the “white trash” women, and start making babies right a way. Share the wealth. That is, share the welfare. These kind of white women are the ruination of American society. They are destroying it from the bottom up. What’s the solution? Mass sterilization? Why are these “white trash” women allowed to fall into this condition? Are they hopelessly craven for the dark man? Are they completely morally abandoned? The white race in imperiled, for sure. And that means everyone else. That means the whole country.'"

How disgusting and low can this idiot go! He shouldn't be get away with such nonsense.

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