Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson shows his true colors,a commentary

Jesse Jackson shows his real colors
by George Cook

I waited a day to write this because I was initially very upset with Jesse Jackson's remarks about wanting to pull out a certain part of Barack Obama's anatomy and anything I wrote might just be plain hateful.

That day off helped me to empathize with Jesse Jackson. I mean you have to realize that he and Al Sharpton's lives would change drastically if Barack Obama becomes president. I mean how can you cry about institutionalized racism and keep portraying black people as victims when you have a black president. Jesse Jackson would be forced to get a real job.

How would you like to go from saying "Keep Hope Alive" to " Would you like to super size that sir"

Hell, I'd be pissed to.

I'm going to tell you a secret and this is just between me and you. So Don't tell anybody.

Jesse Jackson is about as relevant in the African American Community as the WNBA is to sports fans.

We respect what he has done in the civil rights movement and the doors he opened but it's time for him to stand aside so some of us can actually get through the damned door.

Many of us are tired of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton being called black leaders. When did we have a meeting and vote them as such. Was there a memo? If there was a few million of us didn't get it.

I would ask that the main stream media unass the office chairs, stop hitting the speed dial button, and go out on the street and get opinions from black people on the street if they want to know what we think. And yes unass is not a word but you get the point.

I know this may get me in trouble but Jesse Jackson does not speak for many African Americans. We are mnore diverse than 1 or 2 "black leaders" and the media ignoring this leads to peoples monolithic view of African Americans.

Trust me when one of us goes to the bathroom we all don't wipe our ......

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