Sunday, June 29, 2008

McCain Would Make Blacks Miss Bush

McCain Would Make Blacks Miss Bush - Black Voices Blogs

John McCain is showing no love to black Republicans say some who are being left out of his campaign outreach. According to Yvonne R. Davis, a former national co-chair for African Americans for Bush, McCain's efforts to enlist black support pale in comparison to soon to be former President George Bush's.

Minus a couple of black folks seen with him on the campaign trail, you still don't see many in the room with McCain when he is meeting and greeting or standing in crowds.

What you see with McCain are packs of what Ron Heifetz in the Harvard Executive Leadership School calls older "silverback" white males. When President Bush was on the stump in 2000 and 2004, and later in the White House, African American Republicans often heard that President Bush strongly admonished his staff for inviting the same old white guys to everything.

As fellow Afrospear bloggers Jack and Jill Politics points out, come November, black Republicans may find themselves down with Obama afterall. In general, black folks are pretty slow to warm to John McCain because although he has consistently stated that he was wrong, many remember that John McCain once voted against the holiday celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King and recently voted against raising the minimum wage. And he refuses to end the war.

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