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Vanessa Little Mack 1968-1994

A year after Shawna Hawk's murder and of her family's plea to find her killer in February 1994, Vanessa Mack was the seventh victims of HW. She was a young Black professional and a mother of two young daughters, her younger daughter being four months at the time of her murder. Her murder didn't garner any major news that day. That's sad of how society treats victims of Color: Like they don't matter. To make this story worse is the killer have the nerve to attend her funeral.

The Vanessa Mack Murder:
On Sunday, February 20, 1994, Vanessa Mack's mother, Barbara, came to pick up her grandchild as she did every Sunday so Vanessa could go to her job at the Carolinas Medical Center. She arrived a little earlier than usual, as it wasn't quite the appointed 6 a.m. Barbara was surprised to find the door ajar. Assuming that her daughter and granddaughter were just inside, she called out, expecting to hear a familiar, "Come in, Mom!" No one answered her. Stepping into the foyer, Barbara knew something was wrong. Vanessa's four-month-old child was asleep on the sofa, still in her play clothes from the day before, but Vanessa was nowhere to be seen. Not in the kitchen, not in the bathroom, not in her bedroom. But – when Barbara did a double take at the bed she realized that that gray bundle of covers was not a bundle at all, but her daughter thrown partially dressed in a misshapen position across the mattress. Something was wrapped around her throat; it looked like a pillowcase. Her skin tone matched the dull fatigue of the morning sky outside her window, and, by the touch, her skin had become as cold as the pane of glass that faced the winter chill. Scooping the tot from the sofa, Barbara raced into the hallway where she pounded on a tenant's door for use of his phone.Jeff Baumgarner was the first patrolman to arrive on the scene. One glance at the corpse and he knew, from hearing the stories his fellow police officers told after finding some of the other strangling victims, that the same killer – or someone like him – had struck again

This is also from Crimelibrary:

Six-foot tall, 200 pounds, and with a very pleasant face, 29-year-old
Henry Louis Wallace was, outwardly, a very affable fellow. He was chatty,
bright, a go-getter and smiled, constantly – except at certain times, like the
night after Vanessa Mack's murder, when he sat down before his TV set to affix
himself to the dinnertime news report. But, he smiled again when the program
ended and there had not been even the slightest reference to the latest
strangling or to the manhunt that the police claimed was in full vigor.He
decided to stay indoors that night, for the same reason he kept out of sight
after all the other murders – just in case someone had seen his face and the
cops were on the streets with a composite drawing of his puss in their hands.He
felt remorse at what he'd done to Vanessa Mack – damn it, he always felt
remorse! – but he figured it would wear away. It did all those other times,
after he had killed Hawk, Love, Stinson – all of them.Time heals, said the
cliché. It was true.

This one came from "Just A Charmer" news article:

On Feb. 19, the first anniversary of her daughter's death, Sumpter held a news conference and beseeched the killer to turn himself in. "Do you remember the fear in her eyes as she struggled for her life?" Sumpter said. "Do you remember feeling her last heartbeat slip away or seeing her take her last breath? "Maybe you recall filling the bathtub with water and dumping my beautiful princess into a sea of darkness. I wish you could feel my unadulterated pain." The morning after Sumpter issued her plea, Vanessa Little Mack was found strangled in her bedroom, the eighth of Wallace's alleged victims. Sumpter believes Mack was killed a year to the day after Shawna Hawk was murdered.

Sally Miller is certain she saw Wallace at Vanessa Mack's funeral last month. She realized it the minute she saw his mugshot on TV. He had the same eyes, the same hoop earring. She'd had such a strange feeling the day of the funeral. She felt so upset, she left before Vanessa Mack's wake was over and before her funeral had even started. Mack was the eighth of Wallace's alleged victims. "I'm sure it was him," Miller says. "And it's because of that feeling I had. It was an eerie feeling. It was really spooky." Miller, a member of the support group Mothers of Murdered Offspring, had gone to the wake to lead a candlelight vigil and decry the violence that has cut short so many young lives. Her 13-year-old son was killed in a drive-by shooting, gunned down as he stepped onto his front porch. Miller couldn't even finish her presentation at Mack's funeral. She rushed to her car and headed back to Charlotte, crying all the way home.

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