Monday, October 08, 2007

links for 10-8-2007

Here are a bunch of links for 10-08-2007:

Please read the article via Ann's website regarding the rape and abuse of Congolese women. Click here.

Breaks my heart reading the article. Black women around the world are expendable. Very few people cared in contrast to the buzz given to one missing girl in Portugal. Blatant double standards on the value of womens' lives are fatal!

Ann on John Cougar Mellankamp and the omission of Black women when it comes to tributes.

Terrence Ariel and Friends Memorial Tribute. In memory of the Newark Schoolyard Shooting. Very moving and touching. As always, may they rest in peace.

More on the W.V. Hate Crime:

Rachel's Tavern: What Do I Think About The W.V. Hate Crime Coverage?

Does Domestic Violence Lessens The Severity of Racial/Sexual Violence? From Anxious Black Woman. No Way!

The W.V. Torture victim will always be on my mind and will never be forgotten.

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