Thursday, October 04, 2007

Don’t mention the war

New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on "So the war in Iraq is finally over. Thank God for that. I’m sure Iraqis will be delighted. They can emerge from their homes where they have been hiding for four years now from the bombs and the bloodshed. The Americans will be pretty pleased, too, given they’ve sent 768 soldiers home in body bags since February alone. Surprising British Prime Minister Gordon Brown didn’t have anything to say about this momentous day at Number 10 when he thrust Prime Minister Helen Clark out into the rain last night, but perhaps he just didn’t want to share the limelight with a small country that opposed the war in the first place. OK, I’ll release the facetious button on my computer now. I know what National leader John Key meant to say on Morning Report this morning when he explained that the reason National hadn’t mentioned Iraq in its foreign policy discussion document was because “frankly the war in Iraq is over”."

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