Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Evangelist plans to be anti-violence advocate |

Evangelist plans to be anti-violence advocate | "The tough-talking pastor, who has survived a divorce, a nervous breakdown and life on welfare, broke her silence two weeks after her second husband, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, allegedly beat, stomped and choked her in a hotel parking lot. Bynum appeared Tuesday night as a special guest on TBN's 'Praise The Lord' program, a Christian talk show featuring ministers, gospel artists and other newsmakers. On the show, Bynum said she had no bitterness toward her husband. She would not say anything negative about Weeks. 'Nobody could give me enough money,' she said. 'As long as he's my husband I won't break that covenant.' Also on the show, she said the church would help people by preaching more about personal experiences such as her own. While interviews other guests, an emotional Bynum said, 'I came here tonight to declare that I can bear it, I can bear it, I can bear it.'"

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Stephanie B. said...

Thanks Angryindian for putting up Juanita's story on this blog. Her plight needs to be newsworthy. And, yes, violence against women of Color needs to be combatted and stopped.

Again, thanks.

Stephanie B.


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