Monday, March 19, 2007

Olamide Adeyooye's Page Is In

Newsflash 3/19/2007:

A newly created Olamide Adeyooye's memorial page is here.

What are your thoughts about her memorial? More will be added later.


RachelsTavern said...

Hey Stephanie thanks for the update. There is one thing that creeps my out a little, and that is the find a grave link at the bottom. It links to pictures of the grave site, and it looks like a for profit site.

Did you see that?

Stephanie B. said...

Rachel, I'll correct it ASAP. Thanks.

Stephanie B.

RachelsTavern said...

Well I don't really know that it needs to be corrected, but there seems to be this industry that revolves around high profile crimes cases. I thought maybe the people who started that page were trying to profit off of her death.


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