Thursday, March 08, 2007

Alert: Vicious Hate Crime on an IR couple in Texas

Let's Pray for Chris Wright and his girlfriend

This makes me angry. These people who done this heinous deed should be locked up for life. There's no place in society for intolerance and hatred.

Man hospitalized after possible racially motivated assault
11:12 AM CST on Thursday, March 8, 2007
Associated Press

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas -- A 26-year-old man was hospitalized in critical condition with injuries from an altercation authorities say might have been racially motivated and the suspect in the case surrendered Wednesday night.

Chris Wright's father said his "son's face is ruined" after he was dragged by a truck.
Christopher Wright, 26, of Sulphur Springs, was being treated at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler for facial injuries, bruised lungs and a fractured spine.
“We have done an initial surgery and we will just have to wait and see how he progresses before we know what if any other surgeries are needed,” trauma surgeon Dr. John Berne told the Tyler Morning Telegraph for its online edition Wednesday.
Authorities issued a warrant for Judson Weaver, 24, of Sulphur Springs, on a charge of aggravated assualt with a deadly weapon. A call to the offices of Weaver’s attorney was not immediately returned to The Associated Press on Wednesday night.
Weaver turned himself in Wednesday night and was arraigned but had not spoken with investigators. Bond was set at $50,000, said Hopkins County District Attorney Martin Braddy.
Investigators say Wright, who is black, and Weaver, who is white, became involved in a verbal dispute inside the Days Inn lounge late Tuesday. Wright had been waiting to take home his girlfriend, a bartender at the lounge who is white, Braddy said.
Authorities say Weaver was asked to leave but returned and approached Wright and his girlfriend as they left. As Wright leaned into the driver’s side of the man’s vehicle, the man sped away, Braddy said.
“His arm was stuck somehow in the truck and the driver just sped off. He knew Chris was trapped, but he didn’t care,” Wright’s girlfriend, Sarah Ashley, told the newspaper. “Chris didn’t get free until the driver hit the median and Chris went face first into the curb.”
Investigators are still interviewing witnesses and looking at the motive for the altercation.
“There’s some evidence that could potentially lead to the conclusion that race was a motivating factor,” Braddy said. “However, we are far from making that determination. It’s still in the early stages.”
Wright’s family said the incident was the culmination of racial taunts Wright and his girlfriend have endured for months. Ashley said they had even been threatened with violence.
After Wright was hurt, Ashley said she drove him to a hospital in Sulphur Springs.
“He kept telling me it was going to be all right and I kept telling him he would be OK,” she said. “I just keep seeing him being dragged and that’s all I see.”
Texas authorities can use a hate crime enhancement on penalties. The James Byrd Hate Crime Act raises the punishment for crimes motivated by the victim’s race, religion, color, sex, disability, sexual preference, age or national origin. It is named for the East Texas black man who was dragged to his death from a pickup truck by three white men in 1998.


Anonymous said...

u don't know the WHOLE STORY, DID u know that Judson Weaver's own Cousin is a White Female Married to a BLACK man. SO he isn't racist at all. It was Christopher's fault, Why would anyone if not to try and hurt someone stick their arm in someones car window, To hit them, like the news said, He knocked his glasses, and then thats when Weaver drove off, Tryin to get away! What would you do, just sit there and let someone beat on you. No I think not! But it was accident that he did pull his arm out after Weaver started driving off to get away from Wright, Wright got his arm, Hand stuck because he was punching and tryin to steal weavers wallet. Then to come out with the racist thing is So horrible, Weaver isn't racist. The C.wright's own gf said, that she didn't hear weaver say any racist things. But What apparently was happening earlier on, that HAD nothign to do with Weaver, Was she had been getting bad phone calls from people, Not Weaver, thats Why They thhink its about race, and Its NOT. WRights family will be shocked to find out that Weaver has a Blonde White Cousin happily married to an African american. So How can he be racist when he has a african american cousin.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't always believe everything the media fabricates... Funny thing the blacks immediately want to thrown in a race issue...what makes blacks so insecure... they can call whites honkeys, crackers and such, but thats not racist, but if something happens between two men and one just happens to be white and the other black it's a racial thing... get the facts not just what the NAACP wants to make up to draw attention to. It makes me so sick
I want to start a NAAWP

Stephanie B. said...

To all haters,

I'm standing by my viewpoint and it stays no matter what y'all going to say about it. Yes, the young man is the victim of the heinous crime and nothing is going to change my perspective whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

where are you getting your facts? Cause to me youv'e tried and hung the white guy already.. oh so quick to judge

Anonymous said...

why if someone doesn't agree with your opinion, then they are haters??? I think thats a racial slur against me...I don't by any means hate anyone... But I do hate some peoples action and ignorance to fall into mob mentality...

I don't know the black man, but I do pray for him and his healing... I just don't get the racial issue thing... From what I get it is just two men who got into a altercation... why was the guy leaning in the oher guy's car unless he was trying to get him... I would have drove off too...

so if you think everyone is a hater then you must have issues

Ann said...

"They thhink its about race, and Its NOT. WRights family will be shocked to find out that Weaver has a Blonde White Cousin happily married to an African american. So How can he be racist when he has a african american cousin."


Weaver has a cousin married to a black person? What does that have to do with Mr. Weaver, and this incident?

How does having a white relative married to a black person prevent a white person from harboring racists behaviour?

Not saying Weaver is or is not a racist, but, just because a black person marries into a white family, and that does not make all of the white relatives accepting of the IR marriage, nor does it make the white familiy all of a sudden, accepting to every black human being on the planet. So, just because Weaver has a white relative married to a black person, has no bearing on this case.

Whatever were the actions of Weaver and Mr.Wright, that day, will be what the court/judge will look at, not who is or is not married to a black person.

If I was a juror on this case, I would not be interested in whether Weaver had a black in-law. I would be interested in the facts of the case presented to me by the DA and the defendant's attorney.

You also wrote the following quote:

"But it was accident that he did pull his arm out after Weaver started driving off to get away from Wright, Wright got his arm, Hand stuck because he was punching and tryin to steal weavers wallet."

Where do you read this in the article provided by Stephanie that Wright was trying to steal Weaver's wallet?

Please, cite your source for this information (newspaper article, video link, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Um Wrights Own gf Said, Weaver didn't say anythign racial, Wrights family brought the racial thing up. Im so sick of everything being racial, blacks call each other, N words, and thats ok, this world is horrible, THIs was just a bad accident. 1. Wright SHould not have been Reaching in Hitting Weavers Glasses off and grabbing for his cell and wallet. How do you I know this. Im not going to tell u how, But It will come out, wright broke his glasses when he punched his arm throw the window and hit judson. He had to ahve new glasses, Plus. Wright wasn't dragged, he fell, and rolled, and that is what got him hurt!

Anonymous said...

Hate crime is a load of crap .. there are no love crimes .. a crime is a crime .. does not matter the reason.. take these BS laws off the books .. a crime is a crime .. just becuase you are a certain color does not make you special

Ann said...

"How do you I know this. Im not going to tell u how,"

Why can you not state the source of your information as asked?

Have you appeared before a grand jury to appear as a witness in this case? Are you inpaneled as a member of a petit jury?

Have you been instructed by the DA not to divulge any information or speak of any particulars of this case, publically?


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