Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mr. Yeagley's At It Again

Mr. Yeagley's is at it again with his hateful racist remarks on Black folk. He defends the use of the slur in his sickening, hateful article here. It doesn't stops there. He consistently bashes Middle Easterners, Muslims, women in general, Latinos, and just about anyone who isn't a white, christian, American male.

There are articles that counteract his hateful bigotry. There's an article at, sort of like a SteveSailerSucks website that keep tabs on right-wing bigotry.

My fellow BloggerRachel Sullivan has this to say about bigots similar to Mr. Yeagley with two articles on her website. Click here and here to read both articles posted by Ms. Sullivan. Thank you, Rachel for writing the articles.

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