Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mr. David "The Hater" Yeagley on Barack Obama

His stupidity gets worse every time he writes anything about people of Color. His latest target of hate is our Senator Barack Obama. He said, among many things, that he's not Black enough and that African-Americans and multiracial African Americans despise Africans. When did he get information like that? He got it from right wing conservatives anxious to divide and conquer people of Color. Here's his rant:

"The Obama Dilemma, the Obama Effect
The Democrat senator from Illinois, Mr. Barak Hussein Obama faces some interesting identity challenges. As Bad Eagle continues to examine the power of linguistics, the usurpation of words, and American political process and American society in general, Mr. Obama provides an opportunity to look at words and names even more closely.
Mr. Obama has been billed as an "African-American," but some commentators have noticed that this isn't exactly true, because Mr. Obama is half white. I say this is still missing the deeper point: Mr. Obama's father is Kenyan, that is African. From Africa. Even
Sam Francis ( failed to make this point in his astute assessment of Mr. Obama. African-American, as used in this country, means American Negro--descendent of slave. This is a special heritage, not one that can be or should be manipulated. Mr. Obama is not "African-American" at all, in the American sense of the world. (And, after all, we are in America, lest we forget.)
On the other hand, Mr. Obama accentuates the fact that the name "African-American" for the American Negro is really a misnomer. American Negroes, for a number of generations now, are from America, not from Africa at all. They have no connect but for their genes. Most American Negroes know little or nothing about Africa, and couldn't care less, usually. (Some, like
Keith Richberg, actually despise Africa.) "African-American" depicts no connection with Africa, but for historic origins of the race. American Negroes have outgrown all meaningful linguistic, religious, or cultural associations with anything nominally African. Their behavioral characteristics, though maintaining some possible similarities, have come to be understood as "American" Negroe, not African.
So, Mr. Obama is technically truly African-American, but in a sense of the word entirely foreign to way the American Negro uses the word. "

For more of his BS, click here.

Can he keep his pen to himself for once!


martha wash said...

He might as well have called him "Halfrican" like that clueless radio host in San Francisco.

Stephanie B. said...

To Martha,

I believe it was either Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage.

Stephanie B.

gordo said...

Stephanie and Martha--

The one I heard it from was Melanie Morgan. But right-wing radio is very much an echo chamber, so I wouldn't be surprised to find that a dozen different commentators had used the "Halfrican" term by now.


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