Monday, July 10, 2006

Debate on IRs

Debates on IRs at various blogs:

There has been plenty of debates on various blogs regarding IRs, particularly black/nonblack ones, especially if the man is black and the woman in question is white.

On some blogs, quite a few bloggers say that there's still the devaluation of black women in american society that is at work when it comes to dating/marriage/mating.
Shannon on her blog takes the position regarding it. Click here. She feels that blacks should be committed to one another. Which I agree given our history. But, at the same time, I believe in free choice as well, again, because of our history. Blacks and Multiracials are denied freedom of choice throughout the history of this country. Still, there are racial/gender/class dynamics that need to be covered.

Reappropriate wrote in her post that celebrating Loving Day is problematic, giving the Eurocentric views of IRs on its website. Click here.

Even conservative evangelist James Dobson weigh in his views regarding
intermmarriage at Mojoey. Click here. There, he uses code words to express his latent disapproval of intermarriage, particularly if its interracial. His views represent the mainstream Americans and conservatives in particular. It's not fashionable to state one's disapproval in a blatant fashion. Now it's in code. Isn't any wonder that America is still a deeply divided society. Rachel formulate how today's racists use such views in code words. She has written an article on her blog regarding how today's white supremacists talk in code words to gain receptive mainstream audiences. Click here. A very important read.


RachelsTavern said...

"His views represent the mainstream Americans and conservatives in particular. It's not fashionable to state one's disapproval in a blatant fashion."

I could not have said it're so nice with the links. I probably get more links from your site than any other. :)

PS--I'm so happy you're on blogger now.

Stephanie B. said...

To Rachel,

Thanks. As regards to Mr. Dobson's views on IRs, he has taken the view the way racists on American Renaissance have done. It is to use racially charged issues by using code words and expunging blatantly racist words and phrases. They use reason to state their opposition to immigratiion, affirmative action, racial/ethnic integration, feminism, gays and lesbians, diversity in general, etc.

As a black woman, I've spy on racialist websites such as The American Renaissance, Free Republic, Steve Sailer, etc., to find out what they are up to. Nevermind that those sites are funded by mainstream conservative organizations and think tanks as well as from wealthy people such as James Schife.

Here's American Renaissance at:


RachelsTavern said...

Yeah, these people are crazy. Tangoman, who used to comment on my site before I stop allowing his comments through, is affiliated with this blog called Gene Expression and they are big fans of Steve Sailer.


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